Wire mesh containers and wire mesh cages to do the needful

Material handling and storage can seem tricky and daunting for any industry, especially when one needs to keep in stock a large number of products. Solutions that can help in relieving you from this tension of storing your material safely are wire mesh containers and wire mesh cages. These containers now come in stackable and foldable versions, meaning you can ensure saved space. If wondering where you can find such high quality wire mesh containers and cages then the answer is at Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. or HML Wires.

At this firm experts work dedicatedly to ensure that every client can find the best answer and while spending the most reasonable price. The team of professionals here is well-trained and acknowledged in engineering and industrial design work and they work round the clock to ensure complete satisfaction for clients always. Today most companies and warehouses are making use of wire mesh containers and wire mesh cages which can help them in storing the raw materials and finished materials safely. Wire mesh containers at HML Wires are made with special grade wires which have high tensile strength ensuring complete safety for not just the products but also the employees.

The units made from wire mesh have proven to be very useful and ideal for storing a number of materials in any industry. The flexibility and fold ability makes such containers and cages all the more useful and space-saving, ensuing space utility only when in use and minimum space used when not in use.

Some advantages of buying at Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd.

Many vendors and manufacturers today are offering wire mesh containers and wire mesh cages, but buying from HML Wires can ensure you not just peace of mind but ease of wallet as well. Also some other features which can help in making your buying experience still easier are

  • The finish of wires used in making such containers and cages is of hot dip galvanized or zinc or powder coating ensuring double protection from corrosion and such damages
  • Availability in white, yellow or customized colors helps these easily blend with the background of your industry or warehouse
  • The wheels and stacking feature makes such containers and cages all the more useful and space-saving
  • Containers can be labeled for easy identification and storage in stacks to avoid any confusion and waste of time
  • The freedom to get customized wire mesh cages and containers made at the most competitive price makes us an ace choice in the industry

Wire mesh containers and wire mesh cages find ample use in a gamut of industries and have proven to be very useful in material handling and storage. So why still worry when an easy and pocket-friendly solution with long term service is available to you at HML Wires. Our extensive research work and long years of experience have helped us in growing better and we ensure you will grow more when partnering with us for your wire mesh containers and wire mesh cages need.

Find zero maintenance stackable steel racks here

Stackable steel racks are an indispensable part of a large number of industries and can be used for a number of tasks. Mainly used for storing material, these racks ensure a good space saving alternative and are very easy to assemble and disassemble as well. One company where you can find such stackable steel racks in the best of quality is at Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. The company has been in the business of manufacturing and designing material handling and management solutions for industries since more than two decades and has created solutions which are most suitable and affordable at the same time. Any industry buying stackable steel racks often searches for durability as the primary factor involved in making decision. The stackable steel racks available with Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. or HML Wires gain full marks on this very front.

Some features of stackable steel racks available at HML Wires are:

  • These steel racks are crafted from steel wires which possess high tensile strength and can thus offer long term service
  • The wires after being molded into a rack are then painted, power coated or galvanized which can ensure long term protection from corrosion and other surface damages
  • Assembling and disassembling the racks requires just few seconds and is very simple
  • The racks can be ideally used for palletized cargo
  • The need for wooden pallets now seems ruled out
  • The fold ability feature makes these all the more useful as when not in use, these racks can be stored in less than 10% of their original space
  • The maintenance required is almost zero and the company guarantees long term service
  • The robust construction ensures large storage of materials
  • The stackable racks come with a feature of easy relocation or addition of load supporting beams to accommodate new load sizes and / or additional levels
  • You can get stackable steel racks designed as per your individual requirements and available space in a customized design and size as per your needs

Why HML Wires

If wondering why choose HML Wires for your stackable steel racks need then the answer is the experience and expertise which we have gained over a span of two decades by serving a large base of clients satisfactorily. Our team of well-trained and acknowledged professionals will work with you to analyze your product flow and storage needs and develop a system that best suits your individual business, while keeping all factors in mind. We wish to cater to the total storage solution for your industry which can offer long term service without asking for any repair or maintenance costs.

We have uniquely placed ourselves in manufacturing and delivering commendable array of heavy duty, stackable steel racks which are designed, manufactured and verified under the supervision of seasoned pros. For strictly adhering to universally accepted standards, our products are thoroughly examined by our trained quality controllers at every stage of production.