Storage containers of all sizes and capacity available with us

Industries today have a large number of options to choose from when seeking for storage containers. You can find storage containers crafted from a number of materials and available in an array of sizes and designs which can be chosen depending upon the material you wish to store. From enclosed containers to those which are made from wire mesh and offer easy visibility, you can find storage containers in a choice like never before now. One company which can help in fulfilling your need of storage containers ideally is what the company named Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. or HML Wires can do. The company has in its portfolio a large number of choices which you can choose depending upon your needs and the budget. A special storage container at HML are the wire mesh containers that find usage in securing and guarding all types of equipment, products, inventory, and even separate areas within a building.

Types of industrial storage containers

There are many types of storage containers available today but some which seem to be the most common ones have been mentioned below.

  • Dry storage containers are the most common shipping containers used for shipping dry goods that do not require temperature control.
  • Flat rack containers are suitable for heavy loads and cargo that needs loading from the top or sides.
  • Open top container allows for a significantly simplified loading and unloading process, and are ideal for bulky cargo such as machinery.
  • Tunnel container are storage containers with doors on both ends
  • Insulated and thermal container have regulated temperature control
  • Tanks are liquid storage containers
  • Double door containers are easy for loading and unloading of the freight
  • Refrigerated ISO containers always have a carefully controlled low temperature
  • Special purpose containers are of different shapes and sizes and are often custom made for specific cargo
  • Car carriers are used for the transportation of liquid materials, cars, and special goods such as weapons.

Storage containers at HML Wires

At HML wires you can find containers of all sizes and capacities which are crafted from different materials, you can choose the one depending upon the intended task and various other judging factors. In case you are not sure about the solution then pros here can help you in making the most suitable choice. Storage containers here are crafted from finest quality raw material and at state of the art facilities under the supervision of professionals, who are experienced, acknowledged and have acquired an expertise in the industry.

You can browse through the website to search for the available choice of industrial storage containers, but in case you have a special requirement then you can get the same made in a customized design and style by discussing with the professionals here. The team will make sure you get the storage container delivered to you in the exact dimension and design you anticipate and while being very easy on the expenditure.

Get customized storage containers for your special needs with us

More than half of the goods and produce we use each day is anticipated to be transported by storage containers crafted from different materials. Thus, industries dealing in these fields require storage containers to fulfill a number of roles. The shipping of perishable and delicate material requires storage containers made from steel usually which serve as heavy duty metal shipping boxes. So if you too work in one such industry which requires storage containers on a regular basis, then you can find them in the highest quality and the lowest prices at Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. also known as HML Wires.

Get fully tailored storage solutions

The large storage containers here are fully customizable as per the unique needs of your industry. You can get storage containers in the size, design and style you desire made at HML Wires at the most competitive price and in the shortest turnaround time possible. The company has acquired an ace name in the field of manufacturing customizable storage solutions for industries and already has a huge clientele who is more than satisfied with their products and prompt services.

The uses are endless

The many sizes of storage containers available at HML Wires can be put to a gamut of uses. You can use these as storage solutions in industries, for material handling and management, for transporting goods, hunting cabins, lake cabins and mobile offices. The high quality of raw material that goes into the making of such customizable storage boxes is high in tensile strength and thus offers a very sturdy finish to the end product. Meaning you can now sit back and relax as nothing like corrosion, water or rust can cause any harm to the storage containers you buy from HML Wires.

Here’s the foldable variety as well

The foldable or collapsible storage containers are all the more appealing as they can save a lot of space when not in use as you can store them in a very limited space. Also the stackable feature helps you increase the storage space to three or four tier high, in case you wish to enhance the storage capacity of your warehouse or industry but without spending anything extra on new or additional storage containers.

What are the options available?

Customized storage containers which you can find at HML Wires can be tailored not just in terms of size and design but many other aspects as well. You can get large sized containers with or without door based on your needs. Next is your choice of having windows or not having any. For large storage containers that will serve as cabins you can opt for the choice of flooring and whether you wish to have access to heating, air conditioning and electricity or not. You have complete freedom to brief professionals at HML about you unique requirements regarding storage containers and the team here will make sure they can fulfill the same in the best way possible.

So, why compromise, go for customize!