Steel stacking racking an Ideal solution for palletized cargo

Palletized cargo seems very useful and convenient when shipping boxes overseas and is now being used by most freight companies delivering internationally. Palletized cargo seems portable and convenient to reach destinations and while facing much lesser damages and loss. Such cargo freights consist of all shipping boxes kept together in a pallet which ensures that not even a partial lose in the shipment occurs during transit. Palletized cargo is much better protected from potential theft on any stage of the international shipment as well. Any cargo industry dealing with such palletized cargo may search for stacking racks which can help in material handling and management. Such racks made of steel are now easily available to do the needful, but one manufacturer that allows customized solutions for steel stacking racking is what Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. or HML Wires Does.

Features of steel stacking racks at HML Wires

Steel stacking racking system seems an ideal answer if you are seeking to ensure safety of your palletized goods. Some features of such racks made at HML Wires are

  • Steel racks here can be painted in the color of your choice or even galvanized or powder coated on request
  • The units are stackable up to 6 units high
  • You can now get freedom from wooden pallets which you till now used to store loose cargo
  • The steel racks can be easily customized to suit your needs and storage requirements
  • Assembling and dissembling such racks requires no time and is very simple
  • When not in use these racks can be stored in minimal space
  • Maintenance needed is almost zero

HML wires looking deeply into the total cost of material handling is now involved in designing unique features which go into the making of pallet racking systems now being made here. The warehouse steel racking systems made here are ideal to store your palletized goods while ensuring complete peace of mind and ease on expenditure.

Factors to consider before buying steel stacking racking system

The factors which must be carefully considered and can influence your buying decisions are

  • Consider the efficiency of space utilization (storage density)
  • Accessibility to individual loads (selectivity)
  • Handling time
  • Order fulfillment speed and acquisition costs.
  • Each warehouse facility, and even different areas within a facility, may have differing needs, so make sure you are aware about the unique needs before buying any racking system for your industry.

Why choose HML Wires

When buying steel stacking rack system at HML Wires you can get professionals working with you and nailing the pallet racking needs which can help you in making an informed choice. Latest technique and up to date technology helps in manufacturing racks that ideally suit your unique needs. The firm is widely known for offering the industry’s most durable line of industrial storage racks. The customized solutions here will ensure you will never need to settle for something that you are not completely sure of.

Get galvanized finish collapsible wire mesh containers at great prices

Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. also known as HML Wires has acquired an ace reputation in manufacturing and supplying galvanized finish collapsible wire mesh containers in almost all designs. Wire mesh containers are collapsible, super strong, stackable storage solutions which now find use in a number of industries. HML Wires seems to be the leader in making high quality industrial wire containers which can serve for a very long time. The company has a stock of industrial wire mesh containers that can be used for distribution and manufacturing applications around the world.

What wire mesh containers are made of?

Also referred as foldable mesh bins or boxes and wire containers, steel wire mesh containers are made from high quality steel wires that possess high tensile strength. The heavy gauge wire rod makes these containers very sturdy and long term service providing. The welding process used is of high precision and highly automated to ensure deep and consistent weld penetration at all intersecting points. The welders are automated which help in ensuring superior capacity and design loads. The U-shaped stiffener or tubular structure at bottom is fixed for strengthening. Solid pp sheets can be placed inside the panels to protect fragile goods or easily-scratched-surface goods. The containers can be designed with or without lid and with or without doors. Also stackable and collapsible versions are available to ensure ample space saving when not in use or when in limited use.

The advantage of galvanized finish

Galvanized finish collapsible wire mesh containers at HML Wires can be made in both light type and heavy type depending upon the loading capacities of material you wish to store or manage. The containers are stackable and you can assemble and disassemble these very easily and can increase space when needed and fold these when not in use. The galvanized finish makes these wires mesh containers particularly long lasting in service as loss from water, rust and corrosion seems completely ruled out. Galvanization is performed with the use of most advanced machines and latest technology so that the final containers are very resistant to surface and environmental damages.

The advantage of being collapsible

The wire mesh containers at HML Wires are stackable and collapsible, which means you can stack these to three or four tier high in case you wish to increase the storage capacity but without adding new containers or additional containers. Also, being collapsible means you can easily fold these and store in one-tenth of the actual space when not using these for material storage. If worried about the assembly and disassembly, then do not worry as the process is very simple and quick and does not require any expert training, anyone can do it in few simple steps and very quickly.

The bottom line

One very important factor which can alter your buying decision is the price. But when buying at HML Wires you can stay assured as you can get galvanized finish collapsible wire mesh containers at great prices and in the highest quality at this company.