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3 Easy Steps to Assemble the Roll Cages Saving the Warehouse Space

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  • image26 January 2018

It is widely said that the roll containers and cages can be easily folded and kept together occupying the lesser space freeing up the maximum space inside the warehouse. This property of rolling containers has enhanced their usage in the warehouses making it easy to store and accommodate the containers themselves.

However, different containers have different patterns of getting collapsed. The easier the process is the more efficient storage management system the warehouse will have. HML wires manufacture these exclusive rolling cages with very easy methods of assembling the rolling containers into smaller units.

This results in an effective and efficient storage management system in the warehouse. The below given three steps when followed in the row will help you assemble the rolling cages easily.

Let us have a look at this simple folding procedure:


tep 1: Begin with the Bottom

So, now beginning with the first step, we first of all need to take care of the bottom of the rolling cage. While assembling the special containers by HML wires, the easiest way is, to begin with, the bottom.

So, first of all, take the bottom of the rolling cage and slightly fold it placing to the backward shelve of the container. This is what you can do with the three-sided roll cages.

People often make the mistake of beginning with the sides first which you need to avoid to get quick and efficient results. Hence, with the step 1 of your folding procedure of rolling cage fold the bottom to the associated shelve in the rolling cage.

Step 2: The Turn of the Side

Now comes the turn of the sides of the rolling containers. In step 2 of your folding procedure of rolling security cage, you need to wrap the side of your container. You could take any side of the container.

Simply fold the side in the direction towards the container making it collapse with the backward side. In this way, your three-sided container will now look two-sided. This is the step 2 of your folding procedure which will help you in easy assembling of the rolling containers and cages.

Step 3: Accommodate the Containers Inside Each Other

Now the final step will be to keep all these folded containers together making them to accommodate the minimum possible space. With the above two steps mentioned first of all assemble all the containers inside the warehouse.

Now, one by one take these containers and place them one inside the other in such a manner that the similar sides of the different containers touch each other. The folded-bottoms will come together, the folded side will come together and the open sides will come together.

This will then result in an easy and efficient arrangement of the roll containers placed one into another accommodating the least possible space available in the warehouse.

So, for easy and efficient assembling inside your warehouse with these roll cage trolleys and products arrange your warehouse in a much efficient way and save the space with HML wires.