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4-Day Amazing Experience at All Pack Indonesia

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  • image7 November 2016

All Pack Indonesia is an extremely magnificent for arranging classic exhibitions in the field of Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical Processing & Packaging Technology. And with the best excellence level they once again organized a wonderful exhibition from 5th to 8th October 2016, about packaging technology. The exhibition was quite pleasing and approaching to all the people who gathered to see the exhibition.

About Dalian Huameilong Metal Products

Dalian Huameilong Metal Products is a great packaging company that manufactures world-class packaging materials related to new upcoming technologies like wires, material handling and logistics storage.

It’s an old company which has been working since 1993 and offers the top solutions in the world of packaging technology. This is a certified company having its certification from ISO which guarantees and authenticates the services of this company. With over 363459 products being exported all over it has got great reviews from all of them and it still continues manufacturing more products that will give another nice privilege to packaging technologies.

During Exhibition

Some of the best packaging materials of our company were exhibited during the exhibition. This included Stacking Pallet Rack, PET Preform Container and Roll Container. Many people visited to see this wonderful exhibition arranged by All Pack Indonesia and everyone liked the products shown. This can be clearly justified from the fact that:

  • More than 200 business cards were received during exhibition
  • All these people loved the products exhibited and would like to proceed further
  • Apart from this, more than 20 companies placed the order by getting impressed by the consummate presentation.

If you look at this the figure is quite amusing and approaching at the first exhibition only. And the best part is that this not the end. The presentation and the products at exhibition were so pleasing that:

  • 3 material handling companies were very excited and wanted to become the agent of Huameilong.
  • And 5 big batch orders were placed.

People visited were very much attracted to our booths, the way we exhibited them and made it easy for them to know every single detail of the products at the exhibition and understand what is important for them. The world class presentation, arrangements and honoring made the people fall more for products which proved a great benefit for Huameilong Metal Products. Even the company loved the way the full arrangement was done and the way their products were arranged and placed in the exhibition.

It can be called as a combined effort of All Pack Indonesia and Huameilong. Huameilong manufactured excellent products and All Pack Indonesia helped us to show our excellence in front of the crowd in the proper way. It can be thus called as a well-arranged event that was a big success and which brought up the response of the audience.

Getting Connected With All Pack Indonesia

In Indonesia market is growing and emerging each day. All Pack understands all these things and helps to nicely exhibit the things as per the customer requirements. The response Huameilong got even your firm can get all you need to is to get connected with AllPack Indonesia, which will help you to exhibit your product in the best possible way. So, don’t miss the chance and get connected soon as here is the big opportunity for you.