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5 Major Uses of Stillages which is why Every Warehouse Must have these

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  • image17 May 2018

Stillages are a type of wire container that is highly useful in accommodating goods and products. They are specifically designed to be used in a warehouse and posses a number of wonderful properties that make them worthy to be used in other industries as well.

Many warehouses nowadays are switching to the use of these special cages due to a number of advantages associated with them. These are very useful because of some wonderful properties they exhibit. So, let us understand the major uses and importance of the cages in the warehouse:

Widely Useful in Glass Industry

Transportation of delicate glasses was always an issue in the glass industry. Even inside the factory or the warehouse taking glasses from one location to another resulted in damages to the glass frames.

With the use of wire stillages, this problem has been solved completely as with these glasses remain secure and their transportation from one place to another has become very easy. Hence, in the glass industry and related industries involving the use of glasses have highly benefited from these cages which reflects its uses in these industries.

Useful in Recycling Units & Bins

The recycling industry is also growing widely nowadays and has become one of the major growth industries. A number of green revolutions are also taking place which is further emphasizing o materials and goods recycling.

Metal stillages prove beneficial and useful in this growing and expanded recycling industry as well. Transportation of different materials involved, sorting of products and many related tasks can be effectively and efficiently performed with the help of these cages in the recycling industry.

Maximizes your Storage Capacity

These stillage cages have a wonderful property of storing products in the form of nests and stacks. As a result, they come with exclusive space saving properties that maximize the storage capacity of the warehouse.

Hence, better and efficient ways turn out that ultimately counts towards the growth and the development of the warehouse. This is another way how these cages prove useful.

Effective Loading & Unloading Methods

In each and every warehouse proper loading and unloading is a must. This must be performed safely so that the goods and products are not damaged. With the help of these cages, loading and unloading become extremely simple and effective.

For easy loading and unloading methods as well these cages are highly useful and beneficial.

Easy Transportation of Goods

Along with roll containers, one can use these stillages as well for carrying out effective transportation of goods and products inside a warehouse. This is another decent way of how these cages prove to be beneficial in a warehouse.

Apart from these, there are several other benefits associated like hygiene, corrosion resistant, ventilation and many more. Also, these cages are extremely durable for goods handling and management. So, to serve your warehouse as well with all these benefits hurry up and get the classic cage for your warehouse today from HML wires.