5 Reasons to Use Wire Mesh Decking Over Solid Metal Decks

Wire mesh decks and wire decking solutions are being widely used nowadays and have become an important component of the storage industry. But earlier this solution was not there. Solid shelves and wooden decks used to be of major importance.

There are many reasons why wire mesh decking proves highly beneficial and important over traditional solid and wooden shelving. Let us have a look at some of these reasons:

Protection against Heat & Fire

In case of fire, the protection of goods and products stored in solid metal decking becomes very difficult. This is because the water cannot rinse freely through the solid deck providing protection against heat and fire.

This was one of the major drawbacks of solid decks which is why wire decking became popular. With wire decking, sprinkler water can easily fall through the storage areas and provide high protection.

Air Circulation & Visibility

With solid decking and shelving, there is no provision for air circulation and ventilation. Also, there is no product visibility. This also gives birth to several loading and unloading issues.

All these problems will get solved and simplified with the use of wire decking. With flanged wire decks, there will be a medium of good air circulation for the goods and products. Also, loading and unloading of products will become easy removing all the complications.

Weather Resistant

The classic wire decks are coated with a fine layer of zinc. As a result, it also provides protection against weather damage. This makes these decks perfect for outdoor use as well.

Hence, it has high weather resistant properties, unlike regular solid metal decking. This once again gives you another major reason to use these highly exclusive and classic wire decks.

Easy Installation

Wire decking is comparatively light in weight to solid metal decking. This makes their installation and handling very easy. Hence, it comforts the work environment further resulting in a number of benefits for the same.

Hence, the best industrial decking solutions make use of wire decking only. As it will make the work easy and efficient minimizing the installation effort. Also, very little maintenance and handling will be required for it.

Cost Effective

One of the most important factors for any business or warehouse management is the cost. We put in all our efforts to gain the maximum at the minimum cost. And, with the help of the classic wire decking, this can be achieved.

This is because the wire decking is comparatively cheaper than both solid metal and wooden decks. Also, it provides better damage-resistant properties with increased durability. Hence, a number of benefits and advantages are achieved at a cheaper price.

All the above-stated reasons clarify the use of wire mesh decking over solid metal and wooden pallets. Hence, replace the solid metal decks in your warehouse with this exclusive wire decking today. To get the best quality wire decking order today from HML wires. Here you will also get some exciting offers and discounts. Order now!!!