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5 Things Every Tyre Rack Should Have

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  • image17 November 2018

The increased demands of cars and automobiles have also increased the demands of its various parts. Tire market has thus faced a boom which is why many warehouses are getting opened for tire accommodation.

And when it comes to setting up a warehouse for tire storage the first and foremost important thing is the racks. The racks in which the tyres are kept should satisfy certain parameters and requirements so as to assure that the tire storage is proper.

So, let us have a look at these major parameters that the best tyre rack must satisfy. There are many manufacturers like HML wires who sell the racks satisfying all these parameters and requirements completely. Let us have a look:


Tyres may vary in their weight and size. It is important that their quality does not gets degrade while storage. For this, it is important to accommodate them in a tyre storage rack which is durable.

The tire pallet rack must be capable of withstanding damage so as to assure that the quality of the rack and the tires remain as it is. Hence, one must definitely do a durability check before making a purchase of the rack.


The rack should be flexible enough to fulfil varying tire demand. A rack should not be specific to store just a single type of tires. In case of demand change the rack and its tire pallets might prove useless.

Hence, to make sure that your investment is worth it makes sure that the tyre rack is flexible enough to satisfy changing needs. This will help you boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your warehouse.


This is another important factor which might get ignored but must always be taken care of. Make sure that the rack you bring for your tire warehouse provides easy ventilation to the tyres.

This will help the tyres to sustain better and will prevent tire damages. But also take care that the only required amount of ventilation is being provided. Extra exposure to sunlight may damage tire tube.

Hence, always check for the perfect ventilation in your tire storage rack.


And of course, choose a rack that does not compromise the accessibility of the tires. This should not be the case that you are unable to make the reach to the tires easily. This will increase the labour work and will reduce the labour workforce efficiency.

Hence, choose a tire pallet rack that does not compromise with accessibility.

Easy Mantling-Dismantling:

Times might come when you don’t really need the rack. Hence, instead of wasting space for accommodating the rack you can simply dismantle them.

Hence, choosing a tyre rack that provides easy dismantling options is also a wise decision and you must definitely go for it.

A rack satisfying all the above-mentioned parameters is truly one of the best tire racks and you must have such kind of rack for your warehouse. So, connect HML wires today and order the perfect rack for your tire warehouse.