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A Brief Comparison of Different Kinds of Tyre Storage Racks & Knowing All About Them

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  • image10 July 2018

The best thing about tyre racks is that their use is not just limited to tyre but a huge variety of different goods and products can also be stored here. These racks come in an amazing variety offering a large number of options for storing purpose.

HML wire manufactures the best quality tyre storage racks and offers them at very reasonable prices. So, let us see in brief different kinds of tyre racks and know these varieties better:

Steel Pallet Tyre Storage:

This tire storage rack is made of pallet steel which offers different sections within the container to accommodate the tyres. This tire pallet rack proves an efficient storage for tire storage management allowing a huge capacity of 72 to 81 tyres with a weight of 1100kg.

Their structure is also unique and stylish and is durable enough to bear heavy loads and prove beneficial for their organization producing huge profits.

Storage Tyre Racking:

This is a classic and exclusive tire storage rack that accommodates around 50 to 80 pcs of tires efficiently. Different kinds of customizable options are available for these tyres at HML wires.

It can also be stacked up to 4 stacks which is another wonderful thing about these tyre racks. With little or zero maintenance you can also stack these up to 20 stacks.

Heavy Duty Tire Rack:

These are a string and rough & tough tyre racks which can bear heavy loads without any damage efficiently and effectively. For these racks, strength comes first.

Many warehouses and storage industries require the use of containers which bear heavy loads and can even damage the container if not taken care of properly. When such kind of requirements comes into picture these heavy duty tire storage racks serves the best.

Their loading capacity is also phenomenal with 1100kgs and can easily be stacked up to 20 stacks when closed.

Stacking Tire Racking System:

These include another different kind of tire storage mechanism that stacks up to 20 stacks. This storage environment introduces an open stacking system that lets you stack your tire rack with a number of tires.

These have only one tire pallet at the bottom which is strongly fixed and supported at the corners. One can easily accommodate tires in this rack. This is a user-friendly easy to work with a rack that reduces the work of the user.

Warehouse Tyre Rack:

And yes, of course, a rack ideally designed to be used in your warehouse producing healthy and beneficial outputs. This is a warehouse tire pallet rack that can be stacked up to 6 stacks in open environment, unlike others.

This tire storage rack has been specially designed in such a way that no damage is encountered to the rack.

As discussed above all are the basic tyre storage racking systems type which is widely used nowadays. At HML wires you will get all of them in the best quality. So, decide your requirement and order your racking system today