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A foldable storage cage is what you’ve been looking for

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  • image5 January 2015

Every industry today looks for storage solutions that can accommodate large amount of materials in the minimal space possible. A foldable storage cage is a breakthrough answer to perfectly fulfill requirements of such industries. Often referred as foldable wire cage, one company where you can find such cages in a large number of options are at Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. Known online as HML Wires, the company has acquired an ace position in offering space saving storage solutions to a gamut of industries. All foldable storage cages here are collapsible and can be easily assembled or disassembled depending upon the use and volume of material which you need to store.

The team understands it well

The team at HML Wires is very well trained and has expertise in manufacturing and supplying foldable storage cages which are fabricated by making use of the best quality steel and raw materials. You can get your assorted requirements fulfilled easily by getting storage cages made in the size and style you wish. The company has earned a good reputation in offering foldable storage cages to clients in the best quality and most competitive rate. Storage cages are needed in a gamut of industries to safely store a large number of items including everything from tools, equipments, raw materials to finished goods and even for storing securely the hazardous items like chemicals and gas cylinders.

Some unique features

Foldable storage cages which you can buy at HML Wires possess some unique characteristics which are as follows:

  • The storage cages are made from tough wires having high tensile strength that ensures a sturdy make, ideal for rough and tough use.
  • Foldable storage cages are made in a way that they offer quick content identification, promote better material flow and hence are more efficient in stock control
  • When assembled these cages are capable of carrying high volume of material
  • Foldable storage cages are collapsible and save a lot of space when not in use.
  • Transporting these cages is very simple and affordable, as these can be folded into minimum dimensions
  • The surface of wires is powder coated, galvanized or painted to ensure complete protection from surface damage and rust or corrosion
  • At HML Wires you have complete freedom to get foldable storage cages crafted in the dimensions and style of your choice that best define your distinct needs
  • The cages are very Easy to erect and folds flat for transport
  • These are Complete with double doors and folding shelves

Why buy at HML Wires

Storage cages at HML Wires are made with extreme care and research to assure quality construction and long term service. The price is very economical and assembling and disassembling these units is very simple and quick, levying no extra burden on your labors. The storage cages have long lasting and almost maintenance free coatings on them. The storage cages find application at a number of industries and to fulfill a large number of needs. Some unique features available are numerous door and lock options, extra-high partitions, service windows, ceiling panels and custom sizes.