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A Minimalist’s Guide To Pallet Racking System

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  • image22 March 2017

Pallet racking system can be basically defined as a material handling storage tank which is capable of storing almost all kinds of goods in the most efficient and effective manner. When it comes to pallet racking systems there comes a huge variety of pallet rack cages which can be efficiently used for the purpose of storing goods.

If you choose the best suitable pallet rack then you will definitely get a lot of benefits associated with pallets and racks. So, let us see some different types of pallet racking systems, and the places they are most suitable.

Selective Pallet Racking:

These are one of the most common and special ways in which post pallet are arranged where pallets are held in place with mounting clips. The shape is the clips is in the form of tear drops which can be quickly moved to adjust shelves to different sizes and capacities.

The major benefits associated with this type of pallet racking system is that they can be adjusted to accommodate loads of various sizes, and are very convenient for ware house purposes as are strong and do not cost very much. All these properties make selective racking system to be widely used in ware houses and other places.

Drive In Drive Through:

This is another kind of pallet racking system where which have a storage rack that allows a forklift to drive right to stacked rows. These are of normal stacks types which have a FIFO (First In First Out) principle which means that these have only one entrance at one end where the goods can be inserted and taken out from.

These are very good for business who has to store a lot of expiry materials. Hence, this type of pallet racking system is also widely used in industries all over.

Push-Back Pallet Racking:

This is an exclusive form of pallet racking system where stress in given in organizing goods and items in depth rather than width. This stacking pallet rack increases the storage density and is capable enough of storing a huge volume of items.

These work on the principle of queues which is LIFO i.e. Last In First Out, and are quite deep. It has a major benefit of saving a lot of energy as it is easy to move these, unlike the heavy pallets.

Pallet Flow:

This is also a depth type of pallet racking system where the depth is utilized for storage purpose of the pallets. It can use both LIFO and FIFO principles.

It has various benefits like saving energy and better control. It also has a moving pallet and breaking systems which can be used for over 20 pallets deep.

Steel pallet cage racking systems are efficient and have different types of benefits and purposes attach to it. These pallets are simply the best means for storing and organizing things effectively. So, find out the best racking system for you, implement it and store your items in the most efficient and effective manner.