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All About Metal Pallets & Steel Pallets in Pallet Cages

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  • image17 July 2018

Storage containers form a building block of a warehouse. The more strong and durable they are the more will be the growth and productivity of the warehouse. And talking about the best quality efficient storage management systems pallet cages comes into picture.

These are most important storage containers for a warehouse. These have a cage like structure where the basic structure is of the pallets. These pallets comes in both steel and metal. These are metal pallets and steel pallets.

Both these pallets provide a strong structure to the cage and make it capable of accommodating heavy and huge amount of data effectively and efficiently.

At the top manufacturing industries like HML wires you will find both these type of pallets in the best reasonable price and a phenomenal quality. Let us have a look:

Some Differences:

Set Loading Capacity:

In steel pallet cages the loading can be done in 540 sets whereas when it comes to metal pallets this number gets reduced to 480 sets. This is because both these pallets are efficient and effective in their own ways.

There is no compromise with their quality in terms of their loading capacity or loading sets. One can easily accommodate huge amounts of data in these containers.

Weight Bearing Capacity:

Another difference between the two is depending on the weight which both these pallet cages can bear. In steel cage one can accommodate up to 100kgs of goods and stuffs whereas in metal cage this number is 800kg.

Both will provide immense strength and protection to the goods stored. There are no sharp edges or maintenance issues. Hence, with both cages there will be a lot of benefits that will prove beneficial for the warehouse implementing the best storage management technique.

Some Similarities:

Easily Washable:

Both these pallets type containers or storage cages are easily washable. One can easily wash them and clean them from all the places in the pallet. The pallet will not let dust and dirt particles accumulate on it.

Dust and dirt particles accumulated often degrade the quality of the storage management system harming and damaging the goods and stuffs stored within. But with these containers no such problem or issue will occur.

Flame Resistance:

A fire to warehouse is a big damage. Thus a storage container has to be fire protective or flame resistance so that the fire does not spread all around harming the goods and materials stored.

Both the metal pallets and steel pallets are flame resistant and will not let fire spread all around. The goods and materials will thus be safely stored and will be protected from fire and other related damages.

Hence, along with the comparison between these pallet storage cages we also came to know about their importance and significance in the warehouse and the storage industry. One can indeed get a lot of benefit with these cages. Hence, hurry up and get these amazing pallet storage cages for your warehouse. Metal or steel both are perfect and amazing in their own ways.