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An Introduction To Wire Mesh Decking!

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  • image17 October 2016

With the rising popularity of ecommerce and hyper retail happening all across the world, it has become imperative for companies to select the right storage and transportation solutions. Logistics has become a game changer and a tool for competitive advantage in today’s highly competitive business landscape. And logistics as a key result area can only work if you have the best tools and facilities at your disposal. One such thing is wire mesh decking that can really streamline the way you do business and transport things across your facility and to the door step of the customer.

Have the best wire-decks in your arsenal

Yes, in order to win in the marketplace, you need to have the best storage and logistics tools and one such tool is wire decks that you should always get from a renowned manufacturer who can give the guarantee of good quality and can deliver goods in bulk at interesting prices.

  • It is not just important to get the pricing right, you need to get the quality right by checking the load it can bear.
  • If you can get wire decks that can bear loads of two thousand lbs when the load is uniformly distributed across the wire mesh and not at just one point which is referred to as point load.
  • It is not advisable to pile the container and keep the load at one point as it can damage the wire mesh deck and your investment will go waste.

Objects slide seamlessly into these wire mesh decks and they can be used for: box beams, structural rack beams and step beams. These wire decks are manufactured in line with your requirements and custom-made at a pricing you can afford so as to ensure long-term business with the vendor.

Additional advantages of wire mesh decking

Apart from the fact that they can be customized to suit any kind of space requirement, these wire mesh decking’s are easy to install. And piling them up is easy when not in use as it simply drops into place.

  • They can be easily cleaned and are literally maintenance free as you can just wipe them with a dry cloth and no other kind of cleaning is required. Another significant thing about this wire mesh decking is the temperature resistance. It can be used both in areas that are refrigerated to store perishables and even in manufacturing facilities where the temperature is high.
  • They are constructed in a way to be fire proof and can be very useful for the safety of employees and products.You can buy -them in multiple-colours or use colour coding as a mechanism to store different products and your employees can use the colours to identify the category of products.
  • However, the bigger reason why business owners go for this kind of wire mesh deckings is the fact that they really brighten up a facility and can make the appearance of the interiors really good.

Last but not the least, you get the ability to store large cartons, cylindrical drums and objects of various sizes in these wire mesh decks that are really useful in any kind of manufacturing or logistical operation.