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Answered: How Can I Keep Tyre Rack in Best Condition?

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  • image6 February 2024

Good quality storage containers and racks are essential for any distribution facility and warehouse. Their capacity to optimize storage space while minimizing clutter has resulted in their extensive use across several sectors. Unexpected incidents might occur if goods are not handled properly when moving big equipment and goods. To minimize loss and maximize employee safety, it is crucial to adhere to established practices for damage avoidance. Although a tyre rack is a great way to keep your tyres neat and tidy, it poses a safety risk to employees and property if not handled correctly and is overloaded.

Tips to Keep Tire Racks in Proper Condition

warehouse tire racks

In this blog post, we have covered some of the most important ways to keep warehouse tire racks in good working condition and save you lots of money.

Don’t rush and buy. Make an informed decision

A wide variety of styles, sizes, heights, and specifications are offered for the tire racks. It is critical to choose a tyre rack that suits your storage needs. To meet the safety standards set by the industry, it is important to have a thorough comprehension of the various rack system designs as well as your storage needs.

Think about the installation space, the total number of tires you’ll be stacking and storing on the rack, and your material handling approach before settling on a tire storage rack.

Take precautions. Be safe.

Safety protections and measures are absolutely necessary for tyre storage racks. Storage racks for tires are a great investment for the safety of your employees and inventory. One low-cost measure you can take to avoid potentially disastrous and costly damage is to install a safety shield on your tire rack. Just installing safety guards won’t cut it; employees must be properly trained to use them in the event of an emergency.

Make appropriate use of space

Space planning is crucial for a racking system to be both safe and efficient. Keep the tire storage racks at least three to four feet apart. Furthermore, train your staff to remove any unnecessary items from the aisle.

Don’t neglect lighting. They matter

Warehouses and distribution centers must have proper lighting. It makes the warehouse safer by reducing the chances of accidents. With proper lighting, forklift operators can do their tasks in a safe and efficient manner.

Regular inspection. Timely maintenance

The tyre storage racks take a beating from daily use, and that’s not even counting the damage from forklifts. A number of factors can lead to metal tire rack, the most prevalent of which are human mistake, broken machinery, excessive weight, incorrect loading, and other similar issues.

Therefore, it is essential to inspect your warehouse tire rack and install a safety guard panel on a regular basis and fix any problems before they worsen or cause significant damage. The possible harm can be caught early with regular inspections. Keep an eye out for things like rusty posts and mounts, broken beams, loose mounting holes, and hooks and bolts. Before any structural damage occurs, get your tire racks fixed or replaced.

To protect your semi tire rack from harm and avoidable warehouse accidents, make sure to follow the advice indicated earlier. Make the most of the space you have by investing in a sturdy tire rack.

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