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Beginner’s Guide to Wire Mesh Decking

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  • image8 August 2017

For manufacturing long lasting and durable mesh containers the most appropriate and advantageous base is one made of wire mesh decking. These wire decks are highly durable and offer a lot of amazing features like transparency, easy handling, different shapes and sizes and many more.

Because of all these amazing features and exclusive properties this mesh decking has become a significant part of almost all storage containers. So, let us learn from the beginning all about this classic wire decking from their manufacturing to their uses.

What is Mesh Decking

This decking structure are nothing but string wires deeply and tightly welded to form bases or pallets in the form of mesh capable of withstanding heavy loads. The wires are properly welded forming pallets of different shaped and sizes as per the user requirements.

The wire used for this purpose is usually hard drawn carbon steel because of many great qualities it posses. This wire is strong enough to form tight structures which can bare heavy loads with complete ease.

Significance of Wire Decking

Wire decking with its classic properties has produced some of the best industrial decking solutions. All these solutions have created its deep impact in the warehouse storage industrial products.

As this decking holds a great significance let us see some of the major reasons behind its growing importance:

Better Solution over Wooden Pallets

Earlier instead of wire decking wooden pallets were used for designing strong container bases. But there were many problems with these wooden pallets like less durability, weaker structures, handling difficulty, opacity and many more.

Due to all these reasons constant attempts were made to design better pallets with higher quality and durability which can overcome all these deformities. And all these limitations are overcome with the help of this classic wire decking.

These are much more durable than the traditional wooden pallets and have the capacity to hold heavy weights offering high resistance to damage. This also safeguards the goods and materials and protects them from all kinds of damage which was missing in the olden wooden pallets.

Easy & Fast Installations

Wire mesh decking offers extremely fast and durable installation which makes it very easy to arrange and synchronize the arrangement of goods inside the container. There are several types associated with this decking which further give different types of shapes and sizes of varied architectural designs to these containers.

Because of its fast installation and easy handling properties also this decking has gained immense importance which has greatly increased its significance.


In this new industry of storage management reusability is an extremely important feature which can be easily achieved with the help of this classic decking of wire container. Trip after trip it can be easily used and recycled because of which it has a great significance.

Flanged wire decks and other types of wire decking can thus be used for various purposes in various forms in today’s storage management industry. So, get the best manufactured decking for your warehouse with hml wires and know all about its amazing features.