Roll cages : Simplified!!!

If you are reading this, then chances are you are about to buy roll containers or roll cages for your manufacturing or retail operation. Some business owners are now quite savvy themselves and do manufacturing, warehousing and marketing all by themselves. Such entrepreneurs need roll cages or containers to load and unload goods at ports, railway terminals and airports.

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How Roll Cages Improve the Handling Dynamics of Motorcars?

Roll Cages are metallic frames built in the passenger compartment of vehicles to protect the occupants from being injured in case of a rollover accident or other kinds of heavy impact accidents.

The idea behind installing a roll cage is that if the vehicle meets with an accident where it rolls, and some of its parts get damaged or crushed, the cage prevents the occupants by providing a layer of protective covering. This safety feature, usually retrofitted, is designed to work with other safety features like crumple zones and seat belts. Etc.

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Less space and more convenience with storage cage with wheels

Storage cages with wheels or roll cages form a necessary part of various types of industries and are very important in transporting goods and packages from one station to another. The best features associated with such cages are the wheels which help in easy movement of goods. These roll cages are very useful in industries, warehouses, logistics and freight companies and offer an easy alternative to shipping things. The cages can be equally used for transporting plastic crates, cardboard cartons or any other kind of packages. Storage cages with wheels seem most useful as low height units and as a two sided open cage, because having a low and strong base helps in easy loading of goods from both the ends.

Find storage cages with wheels at HML Wires

If searching for storage cages with wheels then the one place where you can find these in great numbers is at Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. also referred as HML Wires. The company has a great portfolio of storage cages with wheels that are available in an array of choices. You can choose these in different sizes, colors, designs and can even get custom cages made in case you have a special requirement.

2 sided roll cages

The different types of storage cages with wheels which you can find at HML Wires are 2 sided roll cages and four sided roll cages. The two sided cages can be stored in a very small space and these are crafted to support heavy loads easily as carrying smaller materials on these cages is not feasible. The roll cages are very easy to maneuver in any condition, either empty or full. These roll cages have a strong built body and are suitable for smooth transfer of goods within any industry. Using two sided roll cages is very easy and these are thus ideal to be used at any warehouse, industry, food sector, hospital or supermarket.

4 sided storage cages with wheels

Storage cages with wheels or roll cages are a mandatory product in places where transportation of packaged goods is involved, such as in industrial units, warehouses and retail spaces. The 4 sided roll cages ensure safer transfer of goods and materials due to its enclosed design. The mess infill sides of the roll cage ensure that if the packages do get dislodged due to a sudden jerk or a slip in maneuvering, the mess will be contained. The low height and a sturdy base help in loading goods in a smooth manner. The two piece door enables stacking of goods up till the full height of the roll cage and the recessed bolts offer extra security to the system. These nest-able roll cages are easy to store when not in use and require only a small amount of space to stack them. These stable systems have a strong built-up system and can carry large capacity of load. A combination of fixed and swivel castors enable easy handling of the roll cages at all times, whether empty or full.

Storage cages with wheels at HML

At HML you can find roll cages of all kinds and even customized solutions. These cages in all are an excellent addition to any storage area where flexible options are a necessity. Companies will be safely able to increase their storage capacity without a lot of effort when adding these cages to their labor zone.

Get work done easily with wire roll containers

Roll containers, a useful solution for material handling and management, are now being used in an array of industries. These containers are great for moving your products or stocks from one place to another. Today you can find such roll containers being used in sectors like retail business, distribution center and any industry. Using such containers is very easy and these ensure added safety for your products, especially those that comes with a “handle with care” tag, especially when moving these from one place to another. Automotive industry makes use of such roll containers where workers in line assembly use these for moving parts from one station to another. Finding roll containers that can ideally suit your needs and budget is not easy, but someone who can fulfill your needs perfectly is Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd, also known as HML Wires.

At HML Wires you can found roll containers in a gamut of designs

Roll containers are the ideal load carriers and the many types available today broadly fall in three different categories which are nestable roll containers that are easy to use, come in transparent design and can be nested together to store and ensure space saving. Next are foldable roll containers that come with 3 sides and font one version for easy access. The base is either wire mesh base or metal plate base and these can be folded to store and save space. Next are demountable roll containers where all the panels can be demounted and can be easily re-installed again.

Why choose roll containers

Roll containers seem to be the ideal carrier for material and load from the warehouses to the branch or from one station to another. These have emerged as an ideal alternative to pallets and you can find them in a number of versions and sizes for a large number of applications. The same can be very simply and easily integrated to processes. Roll containers ensure added safety for goods during transport, which is when these are most likely to get damaged. Handling such containers is very easy and does not require any experience or expertise.

A special variant-anti-theft roll containers

The 2 doors and lid in such roll containers can be fully swung back in the open position and these come in different load sizes. Dismantling the panel does not require much labor or time. It’s estimated that about 12 dismantled roll containers take up the same space as 2 fully assembled containers. The finishing of such containers is Electro-galvanized zinc coated steel, which ensures a longer life and better protection from surface damage.

The bottom line

Mostly used as turnover and storage purpose, roll containers find extensive use in a number of industries. When buying these at HML Wires you can get high quality products at the most competitive prices. The many places such roll containers find use are for storing automotive parts, accessories and spare parts, hardware, etc. It can be made even for storing produce while adapting eco-friendly zinc plating. With collapsible feature, it is easily folded when not used to save space either in the plant or in the warehouse. Another variety is the Stackable one that can be stacked normally 4 tiers.

A rolling security cage is all that you need

A rolling security cage is now being used extensively within the distribution and retail sectors. You can now find these with two, three and four sides depending upon your needs. Recently rolling security cages have started finding use in a varied cross-section of industries. You can see such cages in the retail industries, food sector, pharmacy companies, health care companies, logistics and many other places. The biggest advantage associated with such rolling cages is the affordability which you can find even better with Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd, also known as HML Wires.

Rolling security cages at HML Wires

The roll cages you can find with us are easily maneuverable and can be repaired as well in case any damage occurs. We have been in the business of supplying gamut of businesses with a number of and different roll security cages. You can buy them with us in 2, 3 or even 4 sided versions in a number of sizes and even customized sizes in case you need these. The fully security roll cages come with a lid to ensure double protection for your material. The roll cages available with us can be spray painted or even powder coated depending upon your demand and we can even paint them in the color of your choice to ensure an easy blend with your industry.

Some customized options

If seeking to buy rolling security cages for your industry at HML Wires the many options you can find here are:

  • You can find rolling security cages in 2, 3 and even 4 sided versions
  • The size can be easily customized depending upon the needs of your industry
  • The full security cage with a lid ensures double protection
  • The roll cages can be spray painted in the color you wish or powder coated or hot dip galvanized depending upon your orders
  • The name plates or other identification plates can also be added on demands
  • Customization parameters can be completely tailored as per your individual needs meaning you will not need to compromise on any part

Some advantages of rolling cages

  • Such roll cages are a time saving and labor saving alternative for the loading and unloading of goods and products
  • Also the foldable, stackable and easily storage versions ensures added space saving
  • The specially designed castors can help in smoothly and easily moving goods and materials from one place to another
  • Roll cages can be found in a number of sizes and types today
  • The storage reinforced design makes these all the more appealing
  • You can fold these and nest for storage

Rolling security cages-HML Wires meets all your needs

HML Wires can answer all your rolling security cages needs and we offer not just a selling service but service and repair solutions as well. HML Wires will not just supply your equipment needs but can arrange its collection, refurbishment and re-distribution within good schemes.