Gamut of storage cages and racks now easy to buy

Storage cages and racks seem a mandatory part for a large number of industries, warehouses, companies and even shops. You require storage racks for display, storing raw material, finished goods and for a lot of other reasons. Storage cages too are needed in logistics, shipping materials internationally, storing materials securely and for fulfilling other needs as well. Storage racks and storage boxes or cages are things which industries need importantly and are things which they do not wish to invest on every now and then, so if searching for options that can serve the storage needs of your industries with solutions that serve log term while seeming easy on your wallet, then the best place to find these is at Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. Named as HML Wires as well, the company has en-store an array of storage cages and racks made from high quality raw material.

Storage cages at HML

Storage cages available here are obtainable in a large number of sizes, designs and styles and even in the unique dimensions of your choice. You can choose form storage cages with wheels to ensure smooth transfer of materials from one station to another. These cages find ample use in automotive industries, wine industries and many other manufacturing units as well. Storage containers with or without lid are other options you can choose from that depends on the stuff you need to store. Next choice is for collapsible or foldable versions which are best, as space-saving alternatives. The wire mesh cages here can be used as that parking cage, if your office premises do not offer any parking or even as compact cages for storing raw material or finished goods.

Storage racks at HML

Storage racks available at HML Wires come in a plethora of choices. You can find these in many dimensions, styles and sizes and all are crafted from high quality steel very carefully to give a sturdy final outcome. The company especially deals in tire racks that are available in choices like heavy duty tire racks, steel pallet tire storage, storage tire racking, metal tire rack, pallet rack and more. The storage racks here are ideal choice for storing palletized goods as well.

Why buy storage cages or racks at HML

At HML the storage cages and racks are made from the best quality steel that has high tensile strength and thus ensures durability. Also the professionals here are experienced and updated with the latest equipments and can thus help you in keeping pace with the industry. The storage solutions at HML are obtainable in a large number of sizes, designs and styles and you are free to opt for customized solutions as well, if your company allows limited space availability and you have some unique demands to fulfill. The low maintenance and the low cost are like an icing on the cake. Also, the pros here work dedicatedly with you to ensure the best solutions but at the most reasonable price possible. So, for all your storage cages or racks need, now find Gamut of storage cages and racks that are very easy to buy at HML Wires.

Wire mesh containers and wire mesh cages to do the needful

Material handling and storage can seem tricky and daunting for any industry, especially when one needs to keep in stock a large number of products. Solutions that can help in relieving you from this tension of storing your material safely are wire mesh containers and wire mesh cages. These containers now come in stackable and foldable versions, meaning you can ensure saved space. If wondering where you can find such high quality wire mesh containers and cages then the answer is at Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. or HML Wires.

At this firm experts work dedicatedly to ensure that every client can find the best answer and while spending the most reasonable price. The team of professionals here is well-trained and acknowledged in engineering and industrial design work and they work round the clock to ensure complete satisfaction for clients always. Today most companies and warehouses are making use of wire mesh containers and wire mesh cages which can help them in storing the raw materials and finished materials safely. Wire mesh containers at HML Wires are made with special grade wires which have high tensile strength ensuring complete safety for not just the products but also the employees.

The units made from wire mesh have proven to be very useful and ideal for storing a number of materials in any industry. The flexibility and fold ability makes such containers and cages all the more useful and space-saving, ensuing space utility only when in use and minimum space used when not in use.

Some advantages of buying at Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd.

Many vendors and manufacturers today are offering wire mesh containers and wire mesh cages, but buying from HML Wires can ensure you not just peace of mind but ease of wallet as well. Also some other features which can help in making your buying experience still easier are

  • The finish of wires used in making such containers and cages is of hot dip galvanized or zinc or powder coating ensuring double protection from corrosion and such damages
  • Availability in white, yellow or customized colors helps these easily blend with the background of your industry or warehouse
  • The wheels and stacking feature makes such containers and cages all the more useful and space-saving
  • Containers can be labeled for easy identification and storage in stacks to avoid any confusion and waste of time
  • The freedom to get customized wire mesh cages and containers made at the most competitive price makes us an ace choice in the industry

Wire mesh containers and wire mesh cages find ample use in a gamut of industries and have proven to be very useful in material handling and storage. So why still worry when an easy and pocket-friendly solution with long term service is available to you at HML Wires. Our extensive research work and long years of experience have helped us in growing better and we ensure you will grow more when partnering with us for your wire mesh containers and wire mesh cages need.

Find suitable and economical material handling solutions with us

Material handling and management is often one of the biggest burdens on the minds of an owner of an industry or warehouse. A company that can help you in finding suitable and affordable solutions in this very regard is what Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. can do and has been doing since inception. Also known as HML Wires, the firm has been serving gamut of industries for their material handling needs with a very high satisfaction rate among clients.

Every new addition in the warehousing and distribution facilities requires involving a lot of capital which is why the decision is always based on a lot of research and diligence. The best solutions originate from a team effort made while searching for an ideal answer.

Finding the perfect match

Selecting the right material handling solutions is not easy but when finding it with HML Wires you are bound to find an easy answer. The material handling equipments here are all based on the use of latest technology and keeps pace with the most recent trends in the industry. Buying material handling equipment from this company can help you in acquiring solutions that are most updated and abide with the ongoing norms of this industry. From the best of containers made from high quality steel wires that are built to ensure long term service and durability to security cages that can keep intruders and most sorts of damages away. The solutions you can find here are many in numbers.

Some factors while choosing

At HML Wires you can clearly see that the company has a solid track record and the clients whom we have served in the past will clearly agree with this reality. Next is in-depth research and basing solutions only on carefully collected data. Next you must consider are things like detailing throughput, order volume, planned inventory levels, and business growth projections. Other considerations include the range of product sizes and stock keeping unit (SKU) profile. Another important consideration is the anticipated budget as you would never like to create a hole in your pocket while buying material handling equipments for your industry.

Material handling solutions

The material handling solutions at HML Wires consist of almost every solution available in the industry today. The benefit of getting the equipment made in a customized size and design is like an icing on the cake as sometimes you wish to walk away from the crowd by getting material handling solutions that are distinct from all your peers. The sturdy make and the high quality input ensure that the equipments here offer a long term solution. From pallet cargo handling to solutions where you require security cages for parking the vehicles of your employees, the solutions you can find here for material handling are many and can easily fulfill your needs no matter what the size and volume of the material. The stackable and foldable population of material handling equipment ensures added peace of mind as space is utilized only when the equipment is in practical use.

A foldable storage cage is what you’ve been looking for

Every industry today looks for storage solutions that can accommodate large amount of materials in the minimal space possible. A foldable storage cage is a breakthrough answer to perfectly fulfill requirements of such industries. Often referred as foldable wire cage, one company where you can find such cages in a large number of options are at Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. Known online as HML Wires, the company has acquired an ace position in offering space saving storage solutions to a gamut of industries. All foldable storage cages here are collapsible and can be easily assembled or disassembled depending upon the use and volume of material which you need to store.

The team understands it well

The team at HML Wires is very well trained and has expertise in manufacturing and supplying foldable storage cages which are fabricated by making use of the best quality steel and raw materials. You can get your assorted requirements fulfilled easily by getting storage cages made in the size and style you wish. The company has earned a good reputation in offering foldable storage cages to clients in the best quality and most competitive rate. Storage cages are needed in a gamut of industries to safely store a large number of items including everything from tools, equipments, raw materials to finished goods and even for storing securely the hazardous items like chemicals and gas cylinders.

Some unique features

Foldable storage cages which you can buy at HML Wires possess some unique characteristics which are as follows:

  • The storage cages are made from tough wires having high tensile strength that ensures a sturdy make, ideal for rough and tough use.
  • Foldable storage cages are made in a way that they offer quick content identification, promote better material flow and hence are more efficient in stock control
  • When assembled these cages are capable of carrying high volume of material
  • Foldable storage cages are collapsible and save a lot of space when not in use.
  • Transporting these cages is very simple and affordable, as these can be folded into minimum dimensions
  • The surface of wires is powder coated, galvanized or painted to ensure complete protection from surface damage and rust or corrosion
  • At HML Wires you have complete freedom to get foldable storage cages crafted in the dimensions and style of your choice that best define your distinct needs
  • The cages are very Easy to erect and folds flat for transport
  • These are Complete with double doors and folding shelves

Why buy at HML Wires

Storage cages at HML Wires are made with extreme care and research to assure quality construction and long term service. The price is very economical and assembling and disassembling these units is very simple and quick, levying no extra burden on your labors. The storage cages have long lasting and almost maintenance free coatings on them. The storage cages find application at a number of industries and to fulfill a large number of needs. Some unique features available are numerous door and lock options, extra-high partitions, service windows, ceiling panels and custom sizes.