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Collapsible Wire Mesh Containers : Money Saving Solution

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  • image12 May 2016

The repositioning of empty containers is one of the most persistent problems in the container transport industry. Empty containers involve high costs and generally shipping lines try to reduce this heavy cost of moving the empty containers as much as they can. Mostly they try to focus on matching the cargo with the empty containers, but that is not always possible. Therefore collapsible or foldable containers come as a boon in view of saving transport and handling costs. Let us have a closer look on how collapsible containers save money for its users.


One of the most important uses of collapsible containers is that these can be reused over and over again since these are easy to transport, store and maintain. This feature, over a period of time can save a huge amount of money for the business .Since these containers are made of high quality metal and hinges, these can literally be used hundreds of times.

Shipping Costs

Collapsible containers promote and encourage the shipping companies to transport empty containers back. Since these are stackable and once collapsed take a fraction of the space, these are viable to be shipped by the shipping companies and over time, can save a lot of money for the business. This is one of the most important aspects of the usability of collapsible containers.

Save Floor Space

Since these containers are collapsible when not in use and stackable up to 3-4, these save a lot of precious space in godowns and warehouses. Since floor space is extremely limited and expensive, this saving can be huge in a short period of time. Since these containers are sturdy and robust in construction, these can withstand long durations of stacking at varying temperatures and conditions. This can be very useful in out next factor, Inventory Management.

Saving Costs on Inventory Management

Stackable containers, by the virtue of its stackability and content visibility, these containers are a real boon for inventory management purposes making the whole storage and transportation process more predictable, transparent and smooth.

So, we can easily see from the above example that Stackable containers can save businesses a huge amount of money in the long run at the same time providing a strong, sturdy, reusable and stackable storage and transport solution.