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Different Categories & Types of Roll Containers

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  • image22 March 2018

Roll containers and cages are one of the most popular containers used in warehouse industries. These are extremely durable and very useful inside the warehouse to carry goods and stuff from one place to another.

For better comfort and ease of use, there come a lot of varieties in these rolling cages. All these serve different purposes and are used for the different application. When appropriately used the correct variety in the correct manner it proves really beneficial for the industry.

HML wires being the most classic industry in this rolling cage manufacturing business produce all these varieties in a phenomenal quality. All these types of cages and containers are:

Two Sides Roll Container

This type of rolling cage is two-sided which means that it is covered from two sides only. The sideways are provided with a protective shield which is extremely strong and forms a tight connection.

This bounds them tightly. In many applications where the storage of long materials required these two-sided containers prove highly beneficial. Hence for your respective desire choose this special two-sided roll cage trolley.

Three Sides Roll Containers

This is another special category of roll container that has three sides. Many goods and materials require a back support. Also for easy loading and unloading the open side proves beneficial. That is why this type of rolling containers is also becoming very popular and useful.

This category is known as BY-08 that gives a good space to accommodate materials with complete safety and security. Hence, according to your requirements check if you need to use these three-sided roll cages and enjoy a number of benefits associated with it.

Four Sides Roll Containers BY-09

For better protection these containers have all four sides covered. Depending on the requirements of the customers the sides can be opened and closed. This is how the goods and materials are accessed from this rolling cage.

Hence if you require protection of goods and materials from all sides then this category of containers and cages must be used. This special category is known as BY-09.

Security Roll Container

Last but not the least for increased security and protection here comes special rolling security cage. This cage is tightly kept together and protected. It also has divisions inside the container so as to arrange the products nicely in a systematic manner.

Especially for the goods and products which are small and very important or more prone to damage this type of rolling cage is the best solution to keep them safe and protected. For many explosive chemicals that react with dirt as well, this solution is beneficial as it is very hygienic and don’t let the dir particles come in and accumulate.

Hence, find out which category of roll cages your warehouse require and bring them today. HML wires manufacture all these categories in a very classic quality. Hence hurry up and order one of these today and enjoy the exclusive arrangement in your warehouse with the help of these containers.