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Different Styles in the World of Wire Mesh Decking

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  • image12 October 2017

Wire mesh decking comes in a lot of varieties with different styles in each variety. Its varied range of products is one of the major reasons of its increasing productivity and popularity for a lot of uses.

With high durability there is just no limit to its use and places where it can be adopted for gaining better profits. Also its different styles when used appropriately at the right places results in greater benefits for the company.

So, let us know more about different styles and patterns of wire decks and understand their uses:-

Inverted Flange Wire Decks:

For a better quality of wire decks it is very important that the deck completely fits into the channel beam making a strong and a durable connection. Inverted flanged deck has achieved this by the use of flanged that results in the formation of strong and supportive connection resulting in high durability of the container.

Flanged wire decks can further be categorized depending on the way the flange is associated with the channel beam. The flange may be connected to the front beam of the deck or at the back side.

Also, the flanged are so connected that any kind of dirt or debris formation is strictly prohibited. These decking styles are thus highly beneficial and are being used at a number of places.

Standard Step/Waterfall Wire Deck

This is another common and popular form of decking style where the wire deck falls on the channel beam gaining strong supports. The waterfall phenomenon makes the wire deck to sit in the pallet beam or the rack in the step like support.

This kind of support results in the formation of strong and durable structures. This waterfall style can again be made at the front and the rear side of the deck. This type of wire decking also proves to a great industrial decking solution which is being adopted by a lot of industries, organizations and warehouses.

Flush Flat Wire Deck

As the name suggests these are flat wire decks with no waterfall or flange required and appear to be flushed in the channel beam. The flat flush results in the formation of string connective supports between the deck and the channel beam.

And the best part of this type of decks are their clean look which makes them appear extremely neat and tidy giving a good look to the overall arrangement.

Flush Waterfall Decking Style

Similar to the flush wire decks these are a mixed version of both the flush and the waterfall decking style as has both the flush pattern along with the waterfall decking style.

Like other decking styled these decks are also very useful and are highly durable which has made them of great use and importance.

As discussed all the above mentioned decking styles are highly significant in the wire decking world and can be used differently for different purposes. So, with hl wires get the appropriate decking style for your company and also get the amazing benefits associated.