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Do You Need a Steel Pallet Cage for Your E-commerce Warehouse?

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  • image12 April 2022

If you handle a warehouse that maintains delicate, oddly shaped items, you are in great need of steel pallet cages. These cages are also known as stillages. The cages have a wooden pallet base that provides wrap-around protection for objects inside the cage.

Wire pallet cages are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Choose the perfect cage for your product or customize it to meet your specifications and needs.

If you are still confused about picking the suitable pallet cages for your products, then Read further the blog is for you.

Things to consider in a Pallet Cage

Do You Need a Steel Pallet Cage for Your E-commerce Warehouse?

Before considering these points, first, understand the needs of your industry. Next, make a list of things you would love to have in your pallet cages. Then ponder upon the following points.

1. Type of material used

Pallet cages are made of wood, plastic, or steel. These are effective in storing any product. According to us, the sturdier type of available cages is steel pallet cages. These cages have more usage as compared to wood and plastic.

These wire pallet cages provide maximum protection to the inside products. Also, the steel pallet cage can withstand normal wear and tear. Before purchasing or customization, make sure to galvanize the steel to protect it from rusting.

2. Stackable Design

Stacking will make the mobility of cages simpler and more accessible. Choosing steel pallet cages with stackable feet is a bonus. The stackable feet will aid in shipping more products in a limited space.

Choose the pallet cages with a standard stacking design as it will become easy to store the cages. Also, the stackable designed cages will not acquire more space; thus, managing cages will become easy. The stackable design will also help in a quick and smooth monument of pallet cages from one place to another.

3. Compatibility with Forklift

The forklift feature is essential to handle the loads with different weights and different centers of gravity. Therefore, before choosing the perfect steel pallet cage, make sure it is forklift-friendly.

A forklift features pallet cages to get picked up by various machines. It will facilitate easy transportation of cages from one place to another. The forklift compatibility will make the cages suitable with all the standard equipment.

4. Foldable Design

When your cages are not in use, you will understand the need for their foldable design. The foldable design is essential to store the pallet cages; it will also aid in keeping cages safe and durable for a long time.

While selecting steel pallet cages, look for designs easily folded and stored at a particular place. Otherwise, there are chances of damage to cages while not in use.

5. Available with lock system

If your business is transporting sensitive and delicate products, choose cages with a built-in lock system. Also, if there is a risk of theft, select the cages with a lock system to keep your product safe.

You can always customize the cages and incorporate the locks in them for the safety of your products.


There are many options available for pallet cages. Choosing the cages wisely depends on your depth of study and knowledge about your industry.

Once you are clear with the type of cages for your industry, you can always customize them. You can select a particular color scheme for cages to facilitate easy recognition. There are many companies providing wire mesh deck solutions. You can also write and ask your queries regarding pallet cages.

Steel pallet cages are a considerable investment for the industry. Make sure you choose effective and purposeful cages for your warehouse needs.