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Enjoy storage and less space occupation with foldable storage solutions

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  • image4 May 2015

Most industries today are re-evaluating the storage container systems and looking for options which are more advanced and less space consuming. Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. or HML Wires is one company which can help you in this quest ideally. The many years of experience and a powerful commitment to innovation has helped the team here in developing storage solutions that perfectly click to a wide range of industries and while fulfilling their unique requirements. When buying here you get an opportunity to optimize your operations in priority areas like processing speed, logistics management and cost efficiency. The company has a good portfolio of storage solutions and our team works to replace traditional storage and packaging with returnable, recyclable options that help you in keeping pace with the most recent and advanced.

Why choose foldable storage solutions

Foldable storage solutions form an ideal space-saving alternative and at HML Wires are available in various sizes catering to durability and spatial needs. The designs of these essential foldable containers provide a versatile solution that helps you with organization and storage no matter whether they are empty or full. The open mesh design of storage containers or cages ensures easy visibility making it very easy to control inventory and keep check of stocks and materials. The chances of dust and dirt accumulation are minimal. The fold-ability makes these excellent space savers when not in use.

Storage solutions at HML Wires

The storage containers or cages at HML Wires come in various sizes and designs and finishes including galvanized finish, powder coating or paint. The option of customized designing makes the storage solutions here all the more appealing to industries. You can even get on request, additional add-on accessories for further customization including specially designed bases equipped with wheels/casters for easy maneuvering – essential when storing heavier loads. The range of foldable and collapsible storage containers, cages or boxes that you can find here have a fixed, strong upper edge and guarantee a high rigidity and safe stacking. The collapsible type comes with a lid or without a lid; the one which can only be used with a lid is an economical alternative to the foldable type for shipping light goods. Storage solutions crafted here are extremely strong, very light, much easy to clean and simple and quick to repair, the maintenance of these containers is almost zero and you can keep using these for years together without facing any damage or loss.

The bottom line

So why still go for the traditional solutions for storage and material handling when you have the “new” option of foldable at HML Wires. Now enjoy storage and less space occupation with foldable storage solutions. More on storage and less on space occupation and high on quality with low on price are few features that the many storage solutions at this company are adorned with.