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Everything About Cage Pallets

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Are you also one of those who are confused about what a cage pallet is? If yes, we are here to solve your doubts.

Learn about cage pallets!

What is a Cage Pallet?

Pallets are majorly used in warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, retail, or storing. There are more than 100 product lines open. However, various pallets are available, leading to confusion in identifying which one it is.

A cage pallet is durable and long-lasting. We supply all classic forms of cage pallet which are even suitable with euro cage pallets.

Pallets are challenging to identify as they also have a lot of names, and various terms are used interchangeably. Similarly, a cage pallet is also called a pallet cage.

Cage pallets are also made convenient and user-friendly by adding new features. The critical part is an entirely removable back panel or a half-drop gate. This feature makes it easy to stack the metal cage pallet and empty it.

Cage pallets are also made collapsible for the convenience of storage. Once they are collapsed, they can be stacked together, and hence they won’t require a lot of space. This also makes them a preferred choice due to their easy mobility.

Cage pallets are also durable and can stand challenging outdoor situations. Their wear and tear are also more minor, which helps efficiently reduce expenses.

Where is the Cage Pallet Used?

  • 1. Cage pallets are perfect to use in various heavy-duty situations. They are typically used in different stages of the production line, including storage, manufacturing, logistics, and retail.
  • 2. They are perfect for usage in indoor and outdoor conditions. In addition, metal cage pallets are durable with the potential to protect any easily damageable and fragile goods.
  • 3. They are also used for transportation due to their ability to collapse and become compact. They are used for transporting heavy and bulky items with ease.
  • 4. You can also use them for smaller products that tend to slip and slide off a cart. These small products will be protected in the cage pallet because they are covered from the sides.

Cage pallet has various benefits; a few are listed below:

Everything About Cage Pallets
  • 1. In addition, cage pallets being mesh-sided containers make them a popular choice for storing finished goods and raw materials.
  • 2. They are made of steel which makes them very durable.
  • 3. They are built for rough and tough use, which makes them appropriate not just for indoor but outdoor usage as well.
  • 4. Due to the cage pallets having mesh sides, they are easy to fill without the fear of something sliding off the pallet.
  • 5. They are also advantageous when traveling due to their potential to collapse and become compact.
  • 6. Lockable cages also have collapsible gates, making loading the goods on the cage pallet easy.

Is a Pallet Cage Available for Rental Purposes?

Yes, pallet cages are available for rental purposes. A rental is a perfect option when the need for pallet cages increases due to a sudden increase in demand for products, as they can be delivered at short notice. Pallet cages can be hired or rented in both small and large quantities.

Usually producers’ demand for pallet cages might increase in the high-demand season. However, they might not need as many of them during the rest of the year. During such situations renting pallet cages is a good decision.

Renting pallet cages is also preferable when the producer faces a shortage of capital and increases the number of pallet cages required.


You can also check out the Euro pallet. These are the most widely exchanged pallets globally and are mainly used in Europe. Your goods are transported easily and safely using these high-quality pallets.