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Everything you Need to Know About Different Kinds of Roll Containers

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  • image1 September 2020
Everything you Need to Know About Different Kinds of Roll Containers

For industrial logistics and storage transportation rolling containers have proven to be a perfect choice. Their quality is phenomenal. They help in easy and fast transportation of goods inside and outside the warehouse. Storing the goods in an efficient manner is also possible with the help of these containers.

All, these reasons have made the roller container a classic choice for industrial logistics purpose. Another good thing about these containers is that these are not just limited to a single type. There come different types in these containers that will help you satisfy the requirements in your industry.

So, moving on let us have a look at some of the most common types in roll containers. This will help you identify which kind of container you should go for to fill the requirements in your warehouse. Let us have a look:

Multiple-Sided Roll Containers:

Depending on the requirements in your store or warehouse you can pick the number of sides you want in these containers. Leading manufacturers and suppliers like HML Wires commonly provide with two-sided, three-sided and four-sided rolling containers.

From these categories, you can pick the one that serves your warehouse requirements the best. Let us have a look at the same:

Two-Sided Container:

  • For storing light-weight items that need to be accessed faster two-sided containers are perfect.
  • These have two-metal gates, that gives you fast access to the goods kept inside.
  • For keeping light-weight boxes the two-sided warehouse roll cage is a perfect choice.

Three-Sided Container:

  • As you might have guessed these containers have three-sides. These also provide easy access to store goods.
  • The three sides give you heavier options to store.

Four-Sided Container:

  • These containers have metal gates on all four sides.
  • This ensures complete safety and protection for the goods stored inside the cage.
  • This further opens the options to store goods in the cage. Heavy goods can be efficiently and safely stored in the three-sided warehouse roll cage or container.

Nestable Roll Container:

Nesting and stacking are one of the most common storage strategies that many warehouses prefer. Hence, there comes special kind of containers in the roll cage category to meet this demand. We are here talking about the classic and phenomenal nestable roll container.

It proves to be a real space-saver in your warehouse. It helps in efficiently accommodating a larger number of goods. Besides it also makes their travelling and transportation easier. Moving this container is as easy as moving warehouse cage trolley.

These containers have a huge variety of applications. The food industry, automobile industry, paper industry, construction industry etc all of these can make use of this phenomenal container.

Hence, even in the world of rolling containers, you have got a lot of options to pick from. So, whom are you waiting for? Pick the option that suits your industrial requirements the best and makes your purchase today. Connect with the leading supplier now!