Everything You Need to Know About Post and Cage Pallet

Everything You Need to Know About Post and Cage Pallet

The modern warehouse storage facility is consist of different components that blend to create a safe and efficient storage ecosystem.

Cage Pallet: Safe and Secure Storage Option

Pallet cages are a brilliant storage option for protecting goods that can be easily damaged during storage and transportation. They are mainly used for stocking bulky and heavy-duty items, including small parts, raw materials, finished products and waste materials. They are a perfect option for keeping loose, small and irregularly shaped items that could otherwise easily slide off a flat pallet.

Benefits of using a cage pallet

  • They are a type of flexible mesh-sided wire containers which are extensively used across numerous industries. They are well-accepted because of their resilience and strength in their storage solutions.
  • Pallets cages available at HMLWires are made using top-quality materials. It is capable to endure the toughest outdoor conditions, normal wear and tear, and rough handling during shipping.
  • There is clear visibility to the products stored inside for quick product identification, and half-gates features let workers to easily pick or access the items when the pallets are stacked.
  • Collapsible pallets are a great option as they can be easily folded flat and stacked together when unused. For warehouses that struggle with floor space, this is a great space-saving option to invest in.
  • Foldability is also beneficial in transportation during the return journey, as it lowers the shipping costs.
  • Made using top-grade materials and precision, they are an environmentally friendly storage option that will last for years with very little maintenance.

Post Pallet: Space-Efficient and Versatile Storage Option

Post and Cage Pallet

Post pallets are side-less, stackable steel stillage with a post at each corner. It has a rectangular base and cupped feel for efficient stacking. They are extensively used for stocking and shipping, especially for bigger, bulkier goods. They are useful in warehousing environments and employed for semi-permanent storage.

Goods that are already on plastic crates or wooden pallets can be stored on it. It can be efficiently stacked up to four high, making them the optimum solutions for items that would otherwise use too much floor space. They are very versatile and space-efficient warehouse storage solution, and are widely in many industries, including—

  • Automotive
  • Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing

Benefits of using a post pallet

  • It is available in many standard sizes and dimensions, and can be custom-built to fit any storage needs.
  • It can easily carry huge, bulkier items efficiently.
  • When goods are loaded and stacked, they can be moved easily without needing to move the stillage which helps in saving time as well as efforts.
  • It takes up very little storage space when unused as the posts can be removed and put flat on the base.
  • The posts are demountable, and can be easily removed during return logistics to improve vehicle space-efficiency and saves you shipping costs.
  • It has a large weight capacity and is capable of storing bulky parts and large machinery as well as full pallets.

Why Choose HMLWires?

Finding just the right pallet for your warehouse doesn’t need to be too difficult and it doesn’t need to make a hole in your pocket either. Choosing a great storage container provider will help assure that you know all the possible available options.

At HMLWires, we understand that every industry and warehouse have different storage and product handling requirements. That’s why our team of professional engineers and specialist are ready to assist you with your unique storage needs. We have a huge manufacturing capacity and are capable of delivering top-quality storage products and solutions to help your business grow and flourish.