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Finding the Right Warehouse Cage Trolley

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  • image12 May 2020
Finding the Right Warehouse Cage Trolley

Inside a warehouse, the movement of heavy goods from one place to another is very common. If manpower is used to achieve this manually it requires a lot of energy and time. The efficiency in achieving this manually is quite low.

For an efficient movement of goods inside the warehouse, cage trolleys are the best option. These are strong and durable and allows workers to take the goods from one place to another inside a warehouse.

One shall not confuse warehouse cage trolley with roll containers as both of these are two different terms and have different applications. So, let us know more about these cage trolleys and also understand their applications:

What Are Warehouse Trolleys

Warehouse trolleys also referred to as platform trolleys is an equipment that helps in goods movement inside the warehouse. It is specially designed to meet heavy load requirements in the warehouse.

This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the goods movement process in the warehouse. Leading manufacturers like HML Wires manufacturers different kinds of age trolleys for meeting varying requirements of warehouses.

Choosing the Right Trolley:

Like roller containers and other cages there comes a lot of varieties in these cage trolleys as well. So, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the right trolley from a lot of available choices.

So, let us have a look at a few tips that will help you in finding the right trolley for your warehouse:

Loads Requirements:

As the main purpose of the trolley is to ensure goods transfer, before picking the right trolley one need to analyse on the requirement of the good. This means that you need to check for the common load weights that are needed to be transferred.

The case trolley you purchase should be able to ensure fast movement of these loads. Hence, the choice of the trolley will depend on load requirements.


If the warehouse cage trolley is not durable enough, you might waste a lot of time looking after its maintenance. So, before buying the cage trolley check for its durability with the supplier.

The reviews of old customers might prove helpful in this cage. Just the way we look for the right manufacturers while buying nestable roll containers the same applies for warehouse cage trolleys.

Warehouse Floor:

Another important aspect while choosing the cage is the floor in the warehouse. If the warehouse floor has elevation then the appropriate kind of trolley should be used which works well in the elevation.

So, make sure that you properly analyse the environment for using the trolley before actually buying it.

Foldable or Not:

Most importantly is you have less storage space available in your warehouse you would not want to waste it storing the trolley. Hence, check if the cage trolleys are foldable or can be stacked together one above the other.

This will help in proper space utilization in the warehouse and count for your benefit.

With these little tips, you are good to go towards buying the perfect cage trolley for your warehouse.