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Get Roll Container for Easy and Efficient Warehouse Storage

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  • image1 June 2021
Get Roll Container for Easy and Efficient Warehouse Storage

When it comes to storage, roll storage containers work amazing. A roll container aims in storing materials and goods safely and efficiently. Over time, it has gained significant traction in transit facilities and warehouses around the globe. If you are looking for a storage system, look no further than a roller container.

The Many Benefits of Using Roller Storage Container in Your Warehouse

Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term storage for your materials and goods, roll cages have been widely used in many industries. The ease to move, stack and ship make storage easy and efficient.

There are many options of styles and dimensions available today. They are becoming gradually popular with businesses that store and transport huge volumes of material because they’re robust, space-saving, and convenient to transport.

Sturdy Designs

Roll cages offer the highest protection for fragile items or such materials for which damage or leakage could be harmful to employees. They protect against several accidental damages including forklift accidents. Build using high-grade material, they won’t easily break or bend under the weight of loads or other cages— so you can safely stock different materials without any tension.

Material is Stored Securely

Supermarket roll cages are made using the best quality material and the goods stored inside are surrounded by high-grade steel covering to provide outstanding protection against any type of damage. These types of cages are a great choice for products that don’t perfectly fit on standard pallets. It has four sides making it safe for even loose items to be stored in it safely. They are the best option when it comes to storing hazardous materials.

Steel is Durable and Strong

In the warehouse, forklift mishaps can happen very often if a proper storage container is not used— putting your items at risk. At HMLWires, our containers are made using galvanized steel— rust-resistant— making it a brilliant option for storage applications including liquids, or outdoor storage. Roller storage containers can endure the mishandling of transport, holding their shape for using it for many years to come.

Robust but Lightweight

Compared with their strength, roll storage cages are lightweight and hard-wearing. This is an outstanding combination when looking for reliable storage options that need repeated handling. It is also apt for stacked operations because of its perfect weight to strength ratio.

A Range of Styles

Roll Container

Based on the storage requirements, there is a roller storage container that will perfectly fit it. At HMLWires, there is a wide variety of storage cages available— whether you want cages with wood pallets, or with metal bases; we have it all. You can also get roll cage warehouse storage custom-made to fit your unique storage requirements.

Easy Handling and Smooth Transport

Roll storage containers help in the smooth moving of materials and products around a warehouse or in transportation. They can be moved to the warehouse to truck to ship, train or plane, and back again without any risk of damaging the goods inside. Arriving at the destination, a simple stacking arrangement makes short work of laboursaving storage. The process to stack and unstack them and move them from one point to another is effortless. Even shipping between warehouses is made trouble-free.

Space Saving Designs

Supermarket roll cages or containers can be stacked several layers deep, giving a large quantity of material and product to be stored in a small space. There is no need of investing in costly, permanent racking systems in your warehouse.

Roll containers come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes. No matter what’s your storage need, there’s likely an existing roller cage option at HMLWires that would perfectly fit your needs.