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Get storage containers for a wide range of industries easily

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  • image7 March 2016

Storage containers form an integral part of many industries and serve a very important purpose which is of storing and managing materials. The materials these storage containers contain can be the raw materials or the finished product as well. Today many companies out there are offering storage containers but one that leads them all in the race with a plethora choice and much better features is what Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. does. Also known as HML Wires, they offer rigid welded and sturdy storage containers crafted from a number of materials and those that are ideal for a wide range of shipping, processing and storage applications.

Storage containers at HML Wires

The stackable and collapsible storage containers made from high quality steel wires at HML Wires can be stacked up to five high when loaded, which means you needn’t spend anything on buying new storage container if you wish to add the storage space or store more amount of material. The heavy gauge split tube or structural steel frame construction produces a rugged yet economical product. Meaning you can enjoy peace of mind and ease of wallet together. Standard cup feet and four way access make these industrial steel storage containers safe and easy to handle. Standard sizes are available in both solid sheet and expanded mesh. Collapsible and drop bottom versions of these steel stacking containers are also available.

Some customizable options

The storage containers which you can buy at HML Wires can be fully customized as per your distinct needs and in terms of not just size, design and style but on various other grounds as well. Some optional features include

  • Security lids
  • Bumpers
  • Combined material
  • H.S.S. Construction
  • Dividers
  • Card Holders
  • No Gates
  • Stenciling/Labeling
  • Long Side Gates
  • Leg Caps
  • Pin/Target Feet
  • Casters

Some types of storage containers

Some types of popular storage containers which you can buy at HML Wires include

  • The collapsible wire mesh containers which are space saving, fire safe, offer a clear view of products inside and are made from standard high quality galvanized finish that won’t wear or rust
  • Storage wire mesh containers which are available in stackable and collapsible versions and ensure a sturdy finish and long term, worry-free service with almost zero maintenance
  • Metal storage container which folds down flat for easy metal storage container when not in use, is equipped with a Double side gate for ergonomically friendly access and also has Runner bars which allow the storage container to be both rackable as well as stackable and also provide for easy mobility. These containers ensure easy identification by labeling
  • Steel wire mesh container come in different finish like zinc or hot dip galvanized or powder coating and with features that make these applicable in a large number of industries for material handling, storage, management and transport as well

The bottom line

At HML Wires you can find Storage Containers for industrial, commercial and institutional use. The range consists here of stacking storage containers, stillage cage, steel wire mesh containers, pallet containers, cage pallet and more. Storage containers at HML Wires are completely customizable and can include a wide range of options needed for equipment storage making these useful for a large number of industries.