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Get The Best Heavy Duty Tire Racks For Your Business!

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  • image17 November 2016

Heavy duty tire racks are being used for storing inventory by tire manufacturing industries and help retailers, wholesalers, carrying and forwarding agents store their inventory for short duration safely and utilize commercial space to the maximum. These tire racks are usually sold in quantities of four and prove extremely useful for warehouse management needs.

Heavy duty tire racks for high performance

If you are looking for an economical storage solution for all your heavy duty vehicles like buses, sports utility vehicles having four wheeled drives, trucks, trailer carriages, then you should search the net for the term “heavy duty tire racks” and look for those vendors that offer truck and bus equipment’s in line with the occupational safety and health administration standards.

Products that meet such stringent criteria are the ones that will really go a long way in making your enterprise a successful one. If every equipment or building block of your company matches the highest standards and manned by competent professionals working on a robust business model, then the enterprise is bound to succeed in the long run.Even the welders that you employ in your company should be accredited by a reputed agency dealing with welder certification, training and management.

No compromises with quality and safety

This is one area where no compromises can be tolerated as it will destroy the brand equity of the organization, if any neglect occurs. All the racks and equipment’s to be used should be coated with powder coated paint for termite resistance, fire safety and temperature resistance. Coating them with paint enhances the life of these products that are usually available in a foldable and stackable modular unit.

Heavy duty tire racks can be vertically mounted till 21.5 feet and help you make the most of your garage storage space saving you big money in terms of commercial rentals. These heavy duty tire racks can store about eight to ten tires upto a weight of 2400 lbs. So if you have a large fleet comprising of heavy duty trucks, buses, and off the road tires for mining, earth moving and port applications.

Get them customized for your business

In some tire manufacturing industries you will find that heavy duty tire racks have ramps along the sides that ensure faster loading and unloading of large tires that help in ensuring safety and eliminating the possibility of any kind of abrasions or injuries occurring to people managing the warehouse. The best part about these heavy duty tire racks is that they are very useful while shipping tyres for heavy duty vehicles safety from one point to another.

Foldable and stackable heavy duty tire racks help in reducing handling time and they are offered in customizable shapes and sizes by vendors at interesting price points. Every business has a different requirement and therefore, getting custom made heavy duty tire racks in not uncommon in tire manufacturing industries. In case there is any kind of restructuring, renovation of ware housing facility, then in those cases also these tire racks will be very useful in storing inventory safely for long periods of time.