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How a Cage Pallet Can Help Your Everyday Warehouse Operations?

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  • image28 June 2022

The number of items that need to be stored, shipped, and transported in warehouses is practically unlimited. Ordinary wood pallets are appropriate for many of these, giving proper support in storage and transit. Furthermore, there are a variety of products that require added security or otherwise don’t really fit properly on regular pallets. A cage pallet is a far better option in this and several other scenarios.

Cage Pallet and Pallet Cages— Are They Same?

How a Cage Pallet Can Help Your Everyday Warehouse Operations?

On a usual day, anyone working in the warehouse, retail, transportation, manufacturing, logistics, or storage industries may see a wide variety of pallets.
However, the distinctions between pallets aren’t always obvious, and different names are frequently interchanged. Even for seasoned users, it might be challenging and difficult.

We believed we’d be in a good position to explain things as China’s top manufacturer and seller of cage pallets and other storage solutions. After all, we have over 100 products and over a quarter-million items in stock!

Pallet cages with a half-drop gate or a completely detachable back panel are available at HMLWires. Fully foldable cage pallets are also available.

When Do Pallet Cages Prove Useful?

Cage pallets are ideal for storing and transporting goods that are prone to damage. Heavy-duty and bulky things, such as finished goods, parts, offcuts, and waste materials, are typically stored in them. Delicate, slippery, and oddly shaped things that would quickly slip off a flat pallet are also excellent for them.

Cage pallets have a number of advantages—

  • 1. Every industry that requires strength and resistance in its storage solutions uses these adaptable mesh-sided steel containers.
  • 2. Each pallet cage in our inventory has been designed to endure harsh external environments, rough usage during transportation, and regular wear and tear.
  • 3. When the pallets are stacked, the mesh infill sides provide for easy object identification, and half-gates lead to a faster access to the goods.
  • 4. When unused, folding cage pallets fold flat and stack together. This is useful for maximizing storage space in warehouses.
  • 5. Collapsibility is particularly beneficial in vehicles for return trips, as it reduces transportation expenses.

Pallet Cages Are Available Many Sizes, Styles, And Configurations

Our cage pallets are designed for stability and are simple to handle by forklift or truck.

With a half-drop gate on one side and a fully-removable gate on the other, each offers a versatile option. Both types include a durable sheet steel base that is ideal for storing both little and large goods. They’re available in bright electro zinc plated finish and can be stacked. When unused, collapsible cage pallets fold up and take up very little space.

For All Your Warehouse Storage and Material Handling Needs, HMLWires Is the Best and ONLY Option

For over 30 years, HMLWires has been the global leader in warehouse storage and material handling equipment. We have the product line and knowledge to match your demands if you’re looking to buy the perfect storage, shipping, or transportation solution. Also, inquire about a bespoke metal cage and wire mesh container. We can manufacture according to your exact requirements.

We have the experience to manufacture and sell pallet cages, pallet racks, and other warehouse material handling equipment in any quantity to meet your exact needs. HMLWires understands that you have a variety of storage and product handling requirements.

As a result, our skilled design team is equipped to tackle even the most challenging requirements while producing in small to medium quantities. Our factories have a significant manufacturing capacity and can supply larger volumes fast, allowing us to fulfil tight deadlines for high-quality projects.

Whether you are looking for a lockable cage, metal cage or a cage pallet, we have the one for you! Our metal cages are compatible with euro pallet cages too.