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How Cage Pallet Can Help Your Ecommerce Business?

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  • image9 February 2021
How Cage Pallet Can Help Your Ecommerce Business

Do you want to improve your warehouse organization and its safety? A cage pallet is an ideal storage solution to make stock handling easier and convenient. At HMLWires, we provide a wide range of cage pallets and stock many high-quality, useful warehouse storage gears to meet the growing needs of most warehouses.

Improve Warehouse Organization and Operation with Cage Pallets

Cage pallets are very versatile, and can be efficiently used in a variety of applications to better organize inventory, whether you are storing, loading, dispatching, or transporting goods. Moreover, you can store your goods in uniform sizes in a post pallet or a cage pallet. The key aspect of cage pallets is they keep your products and goods safe and secure. Also, it makes it safer and easier for people to move goods around the warehouse.

Whether you want to store cage pallets in a separate storage cage, or in a pallet racking system, you get the flexibility to organize the stock in the way that best meets ever-changing operational demands. Wire mesh decking is a product that works well with pallet racks for providing safety, support, and other needed benefits to warehouse racks. They are extremely easy to install, and allow high visibility through each level of pallet racking.

A cage pallet, also known as pallet cage or stillage is a multifunctional add-on to the pallet having ample uses that are fully applicable to warehouse purposes. It is a tool specially designed to help in the storage and transport of goods with added safety and protection.

Reasons Why to Use a Cage Pallet in Your Warehouse?

Cage Pallet

Reason #1. Stacking

With various types of cage pallets available in the market, you can get the one that best suits your requirements. You can stack cage pallets to reduce the requirement for racks. They are very safe to be used on a pallet racking system. You can stock more products in less space, thus taking full advantage of the warehouse and transport facilities.

Reason #2. Durability

Cage pallets are available in a large variety of materials like wood, metal, plastic, etc. Depending on your warehouse and storage requirements, you can choose the best cage pallets. Made of steel and galvanised to prevent potential damage and rusting, metal cage pallets are a cost-effective option with no maintenance and high durability.

Reason #3. Safety

With less risk of damage to products, a cage pallet or a roll container is a good option to keep your goods safe and secure. When transporting the cage pallet around the warehouse, there is an increased chance of damage, and this is where the safety of cage pallets comes into action. In cage pallets, goods aren’t wide-open and are thus safe from the outside carryings-on of the warehouse.

If you have any particular requirement, HMLWires can design and manufacture made-to-order cage pallets and post pallet to cater to your needs. We also design pallet storage and pallet racking systems that assist in keeping inventory well-ordered and strongly stored.