How to Prevent Tire Storage Rack from Damage?

How to Prevent Tire Storage Rack from Damage?

Pallet racks are a crucial part of every warehouse and distribution centres. They are widely used across many industries to streamline product storage and save floor space. Mishandling of pallet racks while manoeuvring heavy equipment and heavy loads can lead to unexpected accidents. It is very important to follow best practices for damage prevention to ensure utmost employee safety and lower possible loss. A tire storage rack can significantly help you organize your tire storage needs, but if excessively loaded or not maintained properly, can be risky for a worker’s life and can collapse damaging the products kept and property too.

We have shared some of the essential tips to help prevent warehouse tire rack damage—

Choose the Right Tire Rack

The tire racks are available in many patterns, designs, sizes, heights and specifications. Choosing the appropriate tire storage rack as per your storage need is very crucial. A detailed understanding of different rack system designs and your storage requirements will help to comply with industry safety standards.

There are many factors to consider before choosing the storage rack for tires such as installation area, total tires you will stack and store on the rack and material handling technique.

Employ Safety Guards

When it comes to tyre storage rack safety, then safety guards play a vital role. Tire pallet rack guard panels are very beneficial in protecting workforces, as well as your stock. Adding a safety guard to your tyre rack is one inexpensive way to prevent dangerous and expensive damage. Adding safety guards is not enough, it is important to give proper training on how to use safety guards in an emergency.

Provide Proper Space

For a safe and efficient racking system, space planning is very important, and shouldn’t be overlooked at any cost. The pallet racks for tire storage should be kept at a safe distance from each other. And educate your workforce on how to keep the aisle free from unwanted stuff.

Keep Proper Lighting

Warehouses or distribution centres should be equipped with appropriate lighting solutions. It makes the warehouse safer by lowering the probabilities of accidents. It will also maintain and boost the focus of workers which significantly makes a positive impact on their efficiency. Also, good lighting will help forklift operators to work properly and avoid unnecessary mishaps.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Tire Storage Rack

On every day usage, besides forklift damage, the tyre storage racks undergo a lot of wear and tear. Some of the most common causes of metal tire rack include some error, faulty equipment, overload, improper handling or loading, and others. Thus, it is crucial to examine your warehouse tire rack and installed a safety guard panel regularly and repair them before they turn worst or cause severe damage. Regular inspection will identify the potential damage early. You should watch closely loose mounting holes, loose hooks and bolts, rusted on posts and mounts, damaged beams, and other important parts. Get your tyre racks repaired or replaced before components get structurally damaged.

The above-mentioned tips will help you prevent your pallet racks and tyre storage racks from damage and avoidable accidents in your warehouse. Maximize your storage space with a high-quality tire rack.

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