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How To Select The Appropriate Wire Mesh Container for Your Warehouse

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  • image17 February 2018

For better and effective storage management techniques we require the best quality containers to be installed in our warehouse. Wire containers are said to be an efficient and effective way of accommodating maximum products in the warehouse in a profitable way.

But with these wire containers as well there comes a huge range of variety and list of products from which one has to choose the most appropriate one. This blog will help you select the best wire mesh container for your warehouse with the most decent features to serve your purpose.

So, let us have a look at different wire containers and which serves best for which purpose:

Collapsible Wire Container

This is an extremely durable and classic wire container which is a real space saver in the warehouse. When not in use, the sides of this collapsible wire mesh container can be collapsed to make a smaller folding.

Hence, the container can be easily folded being economic and strong at the same time. It also has a classic loading capacity of about 1300kgs.

Hence, mostly if your warehouse accommodates seasonal products in huge sums that come in bulk in one season and may go away in another, this wire container is simply the best choice.

Foldable Wire Mesh Container

This special type of wire mesh cage is quite similar to the collapsible cage with the main difference counting in size. The size and structure of these two containers vary slightly whereas the foldable container has a smaller space to accommodate and load as compared to the collapsible cage.

Besides this, the foldable wire container has a bit thicker wire gauge. With this little difference, this cage also serves almost all the purpose like a collapsible cage. Hence, depending on the size and space availability in your warehouse one could choose between the two.

Heavy Duty Wire Mesh Container

For rough and tough storage with complete protection and security here comes this exclusive heavy duty wire mesh storage cage. The wire gauge used in designing this container is quite thick as compared to other that makes this container extremely strong.

As a result, the heaviest goods can be kept easily in it with complete safety and security. One really does not have to think of handling issues as this container does not require any maintenance and act as a onetime economic investment.

Hence, if your warehouse demands the continued storage or rough and tough goods and materials then this container is probably the best choice for you.

Storage Wire Mesh Container:

For simple and easy storage with a lightweight and attractive look, this storage wire container is best for easy and fast storage management in your warehouse. It has the capacity to accommodate around 100kgs and also allows easy handling of them.

Hence, for simple safety and compact security, this storage wire container is best for your warehouse.

Bulk wire mesh containers with all the above-mentioned features are available at exciting prices at HML wires. Hence, choose yours and order now.