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How Wire Mesh Container with Wheels Is Helpful for Your Vineyard?

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  • image19 October 2021

The wine industry has grown dramatically in China and around the world over the last few decades. The phenomenal growth of the wine business can be seen across the world. There were modest wineries with a few individuals a dozen years ago. They are now very large corporations that conform to the greatest industry standards. Proper wine storage necessitates a number of parameters, the most significant of which are maintaining a steady temperature and appropriate humidity. Using the right wire mesh container with wheels can help proper and safe handling of the wines while storing and transportation.

The wine matures as it ages. This procedure can take years, based on the type of wine. At HMLWires, we manufacture ideal mesh containers for storing and shipping wine and champagne to fulfil our clients’ needs for safe and secure wine handling. Winemakers deliver complete bottles to basements and warehouses for their customers. This is a continuous process that might lead to bottle degradation. Our wine containers not only ensure safe shipment, but they also help you make the most of your vineyard’s limited space and cut expenditures. Using our storage and transportation containers has numerous advantages.

Our Stack Wire Mesh Container Guarantee Safe and Secure Transport!

Wine or champagne bottles in glass are well protected during shipping and storage. When compared to plastic containers or wooden boxes, metal mesh containers offer superior durability. They make the most of the vineyard’s space limitations!

What exactly does this imply? Our containers, for example, can be piled up to four containers high and hold roughly 500 bottles. They’re also compatible with contemporary loading and unloading machinery and robots. They can also be folded and stacked up to multiple layers when not in use.

They Make the Most of the Winery’s and Warehouse’s Limited Space

Our stack wire mesh container can be stacked up to several containers up, and when unused they can be simply folded and kept aside by stacking up to save the space. Moreover, the containers are adapted to the modern loading and unloading robots and equipment to simplify the handling operations.

They Simplify Warehouse Operations and Improve Overall Productivity

Container handling is a breeze. Our container folds and unfolds in less than 30 seconds. Employees will save time as a result of this. They are not broken or stained as easily as their wooden counterparts because of the high quality of their production. We employ galvanized or warm galvanized coating to ensure the coating’s resilience, which greatly improves its lifespan. Our containers have a split front that allows wine and champagne bottles to be easily accessed.

Enhance Shipping Efficiency!

Wire of the greatest quality is used to construct the containers. Our wire mesh container with wheels is stacking and payload certified. It is possible to transport a big number of bottles. Up to 500 bottles can be inserted into each container, based on the load capability of the container, which could be up to 800 kg.

Lowers Operational Costs

Stackable mesh containers are manufactured from the best raw materials available. Our containers are not damaged and last a long time for our customers – they can last up to 15 years with appropriate maintenance and care.

You Get An Environmentally Friendly Solution

Pallets, foil, and plywood are not required when using our containers (one-time use). Our containers can be used again and again— safe for your products and the environment too.

The ideal logistics platform is an excellent investment in the growth of your company. And for your vineyard, our wine mesh container is the finest option.