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How Wire Mesh Decking Is Used with Warehouse Pallet Racking?

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  • image21 February 2023

Wire mesh decking is a popular option for warehouse pallet racking because of its many benefits. This decking material offers a variety of benefits over other decking options, and it also provides a robust and solid foundation for storing and arranging pallets.

HMLWires, a market leader in wire containers and decking solutions, has come up with a novel solution in the form of waterfall decking.

Wire decking and waterfall decking are types of decking used in industrial pallet rack systems. Waterfall decking is designed to keep pallets from sliding off the back of the rack. The front and sides of the decking have a lip or “waterfall” edge that helps secure the pallet in place.

Let’s take a quick look at why wire mesh decking is a good fit for warehouse pallet racking, and then I’ll walk you through the steps of installing it.

The Value of Wire Mesh Decking for Warehouse Pallet Racking

How Wire Mesh Decking Is Used with Warehouse Pallet Racking?

Improved safety

Wire mesh decking increases safety in the storage facility, making it a worthwhile investment. Wire mesh decking, in contrast to solid decking, which can block light and cause a tripping hazard, is highly transparent and allows for a clear view of the ground below. As a result, there is less of a chance of accidents happening, and workers will be better able to spot and avoid danger.

Increased load capacity

Wire mesh decking can withstand significant weight without warping or breaking. Because of this, it’s perfect for pallet racking in warehouses, where the pallets’ weight can add up quickly. Global industrial pallet rack wire decking ensures your pallets are held in place and safe from harm.

Improved fire safety

Wire mesh decking is another safe option because it does not burn and does not aid in the spread of fire. This can be a very important thing to think about in a warehouse, where fires can spread quickly and do a lot of damage.

Ease of maintenance

On the other hand, wire mesh decking is simple to clean and requires little upkeep, making it a better option than solid decking. The decking can be cleaned with a simple brushing to remove dust and debris, and a quick wipe down to remove spills. This lessens the potential for mishaps in the warehouse and protects the pallets from being damaged.

Steps for Incorporating Wire Mesh Decking into Warehouse Pallet Racking

Select the right type of wire mesh decking

It’s crucial to choose the appropriate decking material for your warehouse’s pallet racking when combining wire mesh decking. Wire mesh decking comes in a variety of metals and alloys, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. When considering, think about how much you want to spend, how big your warehouse is, and how heavy your pallets are.

Measure the pallet racking

Before purchasing your global industrial pallet rack wire decking, measure the dimensions of your pallet racking to ensure you have the correct size. This will help ensure a proper fit and reduce the risk of damage or accidents.

Install the wire mesh decking

Wire mesh decking installation is simple and may be done in a short amount of time. Decking must be laid atop the pallet racking in a centred and level fashion before anything else can be done. Next, use nuts, bolts, or some other fasteners to attach the decking to the pallet racking. If you want to keep the decking from wriggling around, make sure you snug up the fasteners.

Add safety features

Wire mesh decking and pallet racks are great ways to increase warehouse safety, but you should also think about investing in other safety equipment. It’s a good idea to put up some sort of barrier, like a guardrail or a mesh divider, to keep people and machinery away from the pallets, and some sort of illumination would help, too.


When it comes to pallet racking in a warehouse, wire mesh decking is far superior to other forms of decking due to its higher safety standards, higher load capacity, and greater fire resistance.

Wire mesh decking is an easy addition to your storage solution; just follow the aforementioned guidelines, and you’ll have a safer, more organised warehouse in no time. Wire mesh decking is a wise investment for any warehouse since it is inexpensive, long-lasting, and simple to maintain.

The addition of wire mesh decking to your pallet racking system is a great way to boost its usefulness and security, whether you’re just getting started or giving your current system an upgrade.