Implementing Chaotic Storage Technique with Portable Stack Racks

In a warehouse environment, we always try our best to implement the most efficient storage technique. The requirements for storage are getting bigger and more demanding nowadays. Hence, it is important to get all the goods properly arranged in the warehouse.

Different kinds of storage techniques are being implemented in the market. Big online businesses are trying out approaches that utilize most of the available space in the warehouse. One of the techniques that has proven to be quite efficient is the chaotic storage arrangement.

This method can be easily implemented with portable stack racks and other racks from leading suppliers like HML Wires. So before proceeding further, let us first understand the chaotic storage technique and then have a look at the benefits and advantages of using the same:

Knowing All About Chaotic Arrangement:

The chaotic arrangement as the name suggests does not involve arrangement of similar goods and products together in a structured format. The focus of this arrangement is to seek the best available space in the warehouse for an item and then store it at that place.

This is irrespective of the items already present in the storage rack. Hence, two goods or products which are completely different might be sitting together in a portable stack rack inside the warehouse, whereas two similar products might be accommodated in different racks.

This is the beauty of the chaotic arrangement. It is easy to implement and works with stackable steel racks, post pallet and other kinds of racks.

Prime Focus of This Storage Technique:

The prime focus of this chaotic arrangement is not to store the goods together in a structured format but to maximize the storage efficiency of the warehouse. With this technique, extreme care is taken so that no space is wasted in the warehouse.

As a result of this, chaotic arrangement has been widely used for e-commerce warehouse implementation. Here, the intake and output of the warehouse is unpredictable and the organization requires fast and efficient results.

Chaotic arrangement helps in achieving this with ease. Both stacking pallet and stack racks helps in efficient implementation of this arrangement.

Benefits of Chaotic Arrangement:

Now, let us focus on benefits of chaotic arrangement for the warehouse:

  • This storage technique is easy to implement. It can also be implemented with a variety of containers and racks that include portable stack racks and stackable steel racks.
  • With this technique, maximum space in the warehouse is efficiently and effectively utilized. Hence, any kind of storage space wastage is fairly avoided.
  • Maintenance is not an issue with chaotic arrangement, as it is totally fine if different categories of products are stored together.
  • Additionally, this method simplifies the training process – it is easier to learn and implement in comparison to other storage methods that requires in-depth product knowledge.

For the upcoming year 2020, implement this classic chaotic arrangement in your warehouse if you are still not using it and get the maximum benefit from it. To know more, connect with us anytime you like.