Know All about Different Types of Tire Pallet Racks & Metal Tire Racks

Metal tire rack is a very useful component of any warehouse as it serves multiple storage benefits just than tires. These racks are highly durable and long lasting allowing efficient and effective storage of components in the warehouse.

There are different types of these racks which can be used differently for different purposes. Top industries like HML wires manufacture the best quality racks available in a great range of variety.

So, let us know all about these different types of racks and understand their uses:

Pallet Rack

Tire pallet rack is a durable rack with a storing capacity of 63 tires at a time. It has a strong pallet at the base that is supported by bars at the corners. This is an ideal storage solution for tires that offer easy management and efficient storage of tires.

This rack can be stacked up to 4 racks.

Warehouse Tire Rack

With a brilliant capacity of storing 50 tires at a time this rack is of great use and importance in every warehouse. It has a high loading capacity of 1100kgs. This is an open rack which can be stacked up to 20 racks in a closed system whereas up to 6 in an open system.

Metal Tire Rack

This stacking tire rack is another excellent product which can be used in a warehouse for effective goods storage and management. It has a capacity of accommodating 20 tires at a time with a weight bearing capacity of 1100kgs.

Hence, besides tire, it offers huge room for the storage of other kinds of goods and products as well. This metal rack has high durability and once purchased it will offer its classic service for the entire lifetime.

Storage Tyre Racking

Here comes another masterpiece for the storage purpose in the automotive industry and other warehouses. This storage rack offers an exclusive and easy tire racking solution. This tire has the capacity of around 50 to 80 pieces of tires.

This storage rack is also ideal for other use and purposes. Like other racks, this can also be stacked in closed and open forms.

Steel Pallet Tyre Storage

If you want sections while tire storage then this pallet type tire storage is the best solution for it. This steel tyre storage allows you to store tires separately in the pallets. The rack is divided into a section with these pallets.

It simplifies the categorizing of tires.

Stacking Tire Rack

Another efficient and classic tire storage system. This tire storage offers a classic storage of tires like tire pallet rack. Besides the automobile industry, this can also be used in the warehouse for various purposes.

All these racks are of great use and importance in a warehouse. The best part about these is not just tires but other components and goods can also be efficiently stored in these racks. Hence, to get the best storage strategy for your warehouse also, hurry up and get the best tire rack today from HML wires.