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Less space and more convenience with storage cage with wheels

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  • image14 March 2016

Storage cages with wheels or roll cages form a necessary part of various types of industries and are very important in transporting goods and packages from one station to another. The best features associated with such cages are the wheels which help in easy movement of goods. These roll cages are very useful in industries, warehouses, logistics and freight companies and offer an easy alternative to shipping things. The cages can be equally used for transporting plastic crates, cardboard cartons or any other kind of packages. Storage cages with wheels seem most useful as low height units and as a two sided open cage, because having a low and strong base helps in easy loading of goods from both the ends.

Find storage cages with wheels at HML Wires

If searching for storage cages with wheels then the one place where you can find these in great numbers is at Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. also referred as HML Wires. The company has a great portfolio of storage cages with wheels that are available in an array of choices. You can choose these in different sizes, colors, designs and can even get custom cages made in case you have a special requirement.

2 sided roll cages

The different types of storage cages with wheels which you can find at HML Wires are 2 sided roll cages and four sided roll cages. The two sided cages can be stored in a very small space and these are crafted to support heavy loads easily as carrying smaller materials on these cages is not feasible. The roll cages are very easy to maneuver in any condition, either empty or full. These roll cages have a strong built body and are suitable for smooth transfer of goods within any industry. Using two sided roll cages is very easy and these are thus ideal to be used at any warehouse, industry, food sector, hospital or supermarket.

4 sided storage cages with wheels

Storage cages with wheels or roll cages are a mandatory product in places where transportation of packaged goods is involved, such as in industrial units, warehouses and retail spaces. The 4 sided roll cages ensure safer transfer of goods and materials due to its enclosed design. The mess infill sides of the roll cage ensure that if the packages do get dislodged due to a sudden jerk or a slip in maneuvering, the mess will be contained. The low height and a sturdy base help in loading goods in a smooth manner. The two piece door enables stacking of goods up till the full height of the roll cage and the recessed bolts offer extra security to the system. These nest-able roll cages are easy to store when not in use and require only a small amount of space to stack them. These stable systems have a strong built-up system and can carry large capacity of load. A combination of fixed and swivel castors enable easy handling of the roll cages at all times, whether empty or full.

Storage cages with wheels at HML

At HML you can find roll cages of all kinds and even customized solutions. These cages in all are an excellent addition to any storage area where flexible options are a necessity. Companies will be safely able to increase their storage capacity without a lot of effort when adding these cages to their labor zone.