Storage containers form an integral part of many industries and serve a very important purpose which is of storing and managing materials. The materials these storage containers contain can be the raw materials or the finished product as well. Today many companies out there are offering storage containers but one that leads them all in the race with a plethora choice and much better features is what Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. does. Also known as HML Wires, they offer rigid welded and sturdy storage containers crafted from a number of materials and those that are ideal for a wide range of shipping, processing and storage applications.

Storage containers at HML Wires

The stackable and collapsible storage containers made from high quality steel wires at HML Wires can be stacked up to five high when loaded, which means you needn’t spend anything on buying new storage container if you wish to add the storage space or store more amount of material. The heavy gauge split tube or structural steel frame construction produces a rugged yet economical product. Meaning you can enjoy peace of mind and ease of wallet together. Standard cup feet and four way access make these industrial steel storage containers safe and easy to handle. Standard sizes are available in both solid sheet and expanded mesh. Collapsible and drop bottom versions of these steel stacking containers are also available.

Some customizable options

The storage containers which you can buy at HML Wires can be fully customized as per your distinct needs and in terms of not just size, design and style but on various other grounds as well. Some optional features include

  • Security lids
  • Bumpers
  • Combined material
  • H.S.S. Construction
  • Dividers
  • Card Holders
  • No Gates
  • Stenciling/Labeling
  • Long Side Gates
  • Leg Caps
  • Pin/Target Feet
  • Casters

Some types of storage containers

Some types of popular storage containers which you can buy at HML Wires include

  • The collapsible wire mesh containers which are space saving, fire safe, offer a clear view of products inside and are made from standard high quality galvanized finish that won’t wear or rust
  • Storage wire mesh containers which are available in stackable and collapsible versions and ensure a sturdy finish and long term, worry-free service with almost zero maintenance
  • Metal storage container which folds down flat for easy metal storage container when not in use, is equipped with a Double side gate for ergonomically friendly access and also has Runner bars which allow the storage container to be both rackable as well as stackable and also provide for easy mobility. These containers ensure easy identification by labeling
  • Steel wire mesh container come in different finish like zinc or hot dip galvanized or powder coating and with features that make these applicable in a large number of industries for material handling, storage, management and transport as well

The bottom line

At HML Wires you can find Storage Containers for industrial, commercial and institutional use. The range consists here of stacking storage containers, stillage cage, steel wire mesh containers, pallet containers, cage pallet and more. Storage containers at HML Wires are completely customizable and can include a wide range of options needed for equipment storage making these useful for a large number of industries.

Industrial storage cages in all sizes now easy to find

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Storage cages help in preventing the loss of sensitive materials and can even keep thieves away. One company where you can find industrial storage cages in all sizes and those that ideally fit in the space and needs of your businesses is what Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. can do. Known online as HML Wires the company has acquired excellence in crafting industrial storage cages which offer a special level of security for specific materials. Storage cages can be used in a number of ways. Sometimes an industry requires storage cage for parking the vehicles of their employees, especially when the premises does not have accommodation for the same. At other times storage cages may be needed to store materials in the raw form or in the finished state. No matter what the need, when partnering with HML Wires for your industrial storage cages need you are bound to find that perfect solution.

Find the perfect answer at HML Wires

When buying a storage cage for your industry you may get burdened by a lot of queries, primary being the size and the space your company or warehouse can offer. Then you must consider the items that must be stored, the cage will be mobile or static and how to access he same. The questions can be endless and you may often find yourself in a dilemma of getting just worried without any clue. But you can now get over all such queries and concerns easily, as the seasoned professionals at HML Wires work closely with you to perfectly understand your requirements and then only provide storage cage that can best define your needs

They have tailored solutions for you

In case a readymade storage cage does not define your needs and budget ideally, then experts here can help with custom solutions, where an industrial storage cage is crafted keeping your individual and distinct requirements in mind. If you have a larger area, an industrial warehouse security cage can protect a large volume of sensitive and valuable product. The team onboard will work with you to best determine the size and type of cage that will best serve you. You can also choose to get add-ons added to the storage cage for your industry in case you have a special demand with the team here. In case you are worried about the installation or after sales service then too you can find a reliable partner with this firm.

Get best quality at lowest prices

The price of storage cage can be a daunting factor which can greatly affect your decision. But when buying industrial storage cages at HML Wires you can avail highest quality at lowest prices. Storage cages here are crafted by making use of state of the art technology and best quality of material to ensure long term service with almost no maintenance needed.

So, why still search, industrial storage cages in all sizes can now be easily found while best fitting your needs at HML Wires.

Almost every industry today needs storage cages to accomplish a hell lot of tasks. From storing raw material to keeping finished material safe; the needs could be many but the work storage cages do in an industry cannot be just overlooked. So if you are looking for industrial storage cages of any size and for any purpose, you can find them at the best quality and price at Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. Whether you require a storage cage for parking vehicles of your employees outside your office premises or to keep material safely, you can find cages here to fulfill your requirement in the ideal way possible.

The industrial storage cages here come in many colors from white, yellow to even customize shades so as to perfectly blend with the interiors of your warehouse or industry. The finish in which you can buy them are in zinc/hot dip galvanized or with powder coating which means the durability you can enjoy is great and will not ponder you of getting these cages painted or repaired every now and then. The sturdiness says it all. The designs in which you can buy storage cages for your industries at this firm include in bar runner pattern or forklift design and even with lid patterns. Special services to craft customized storage cages is also available here.

Why buy industrial storage cages with us?

Some features which will help in making up your mind

  • The storage cages can be easily folded down flat in case they are not in use, meaning you can enjoy saved space without unnecessary occupation when not in use.
  • The storage cages come with double drop gate meaning you can enjoy an ergonomically favorable access
  • You can use these cages as both stackable and rackable versions meaning you can stack the same ensuring increased space and enhanced utility, also you can fold down the racks when not in use. These features also ensure easy mobility
  • Container labeling in these cages can be easily done making it easy to identify what each container packs
  • The special design of the folding container or the storage boxes makes it easy and simple to operate, completely safe, lightweight, space friendly, useful for a range of applications
  • The Stacking Leg of your storage cage allows for easy and safe stacking when in the folded down position.

The bottom line

Storage cages are an important thing which you require for your industry so why take risks with something so important and which will serve you for years together if chosen carefully. Browse the website today at HML Wires. The collection is bound to make you happy and you can even get a customized storage cage designed for your industry in case you need to fulfill some special requirements. No matter what the dimensions and use, if you are partnering with us for your industrial storage cages need you are bound to find the best answer in terms of quality, service and price. So enjoy peace of mind and ease of wallet while shopping with us always.

Get work done easily with wire roll containers

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Roll containers, a useful solution for material handling and management, are now being used in an array of industries. These containers are great for moving your products or stocks from one place to another. Today you can find such roll containers being used in sectors like retail business, distribution center and any industry. Using such containers is very easy and these ensure added safety for your products, especially those that comes with a “handle with care” tag, especially when moving these from one place to another. Automotive industry makes use of such roll containers where workers in line assembly use these for moving parts from one station to another. Finding roll containers that can ideally suit your needs and budget is not easy, but someone who can fulfill your needs perfectly is Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd, also known as HML Wires.

At HML Wires you can found roll containers in a gamut of designs

Roll containers are the ideal load carriers and the many types available today broadly fall in three different categories which are nestable roll containers that are easy to use, come in transparent design and can be nested together to store and ensure space saving. Next are foldable roll containers that come with 3 sides and font one version for easy access. The base is either wire mesh base or metal plate base and these can be folded to store and save space. Next are demountable roll containers where all the panels can be demounted and can be easily re-installed again.

Why choose roll containers

Roll containers seem to be the ideal carrier for material and load from the warehouses to the branch or from one station to another. These have emerged as an ideal alternative to pallets and you can find them in a number of versions and sizes for a large number of applications. The same can be very simply and easily integrated to processes. Roll containers ensure added safety for goods during transport, which is when these are most likely to get damaged. Handling such containers is very easy and does not require any experience or expertise.

A special variant-anti-theft roll containers

The 2 doors and lid in such roll containers can be fully swung back in the open position and these come in different load sizes. Dismantling the panel does not require much labor or time. It’s estimated that about 12 dismantled roll containers take up the same space as 2 fully assembled containers. The finishing of such containers is Electro-galvanized zinc coated steel, which ensures a longer life and better protection from surface damage.

The bottom line

Mostly used as turnover and storage purpose, roll containers find extensive use in a number of industries. When buying these at HML Wires you can get high quality products at the most competitive prices. The many places such roll containers find use are for storing automotive parts, accessories and spare parts, hardware, etc. It can be made even for storing produce while adapting eco-friendly zinc plating. With collapsible feature, it is easily folded when not used to save space either in the plant or in the warehouse. Another variety is the Stackable one that can be stacked normally 4 tiers.

Get most reasonably priced PET Preform container

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What is PET?

PET or polyethylene terephthalate is a plastic resin that is also the most common type of polymer. The same is made from two monomers which are very commonly used for making bottles and containers. PET is used for storing and delivering a large number of beverages and food items in the form of bottles or packages or containers. The most impressive feature of PET containers is that these are fully recyclable. PET Preform containers are now turning into a very popular item among a lot of industries and act as a good package material for both edible and non-edible items. The PET containers can be recycled to form a number of new products, which makes these all the more environment-friendly and green.

Buy Pet Preform containers at HML Wires

Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. or HML Wires is a known name in offering PET Preform containers at the most competitive prices in the industry and without making any compromise on the quality front. The containers available here are available in a number of finishes and you can choose from a number of sizes, designs and styles. Also the colors in which these are available at HML are white, yellow or even in a color of your choice with customized options.

Shop at HML

HML Wires is a leading manufacturer and supplier of PET Preform containers and have been in the industry for more than two decades now. The firm has earned ample accolades for offering durable and high quality storage solutions to clients hailing from a gamut of industries. PET Preform containers is one of their specialist product range which are designed and manufactured keeping in mind the international quality standards necessary for storing edible or non-edible materials. These containers now find application in a large number of packaging units and industries. At HML they make use of premium quality raw materials that helps in offering perfect weight distribution of bottle and jars made from PET Preform and this ensures maximum strength, durability but at minimum weight. The bottles and jars here are manufactured by making use of state of the art technology and by seasoned professionals who work to ensure high quality and complete satisfaction for clients always. When buying here you can experience not just a worry-free buying experience but after sales services as well with prompt response always. The PET Perform containers at HML are made from high quality raw materials and are very compact in size.

The bottom line

HML Wires is instrumental in offering to various industries PET Preform containers that are easily available in different colors and a large number of designs and sizes. Moreover these are even offered in the transparent variant here. Quality and durability are synonyms to the range of PET Preform Containers manufactured by this firm.

The range of PET Preform containers at HML Wires are packed in bags and boxes and are apperceived all over for their light weight, perfect finish, Leak proof nature, Durability, crystal clear look and resistance to heat and chemicals.

Palletized cargo seems very useful and convenient when shipping boxes overseas and is now being used by most freight companies delivering internationally. Palletized cargo seems portable and convenient to reach destinations and while facing much lesser damages and loss. Such cargo freights consist of all shipping boxes kept together in a pallet which ensures that not even a partial lose in the shipment occurs during transit. Palletized cargo is much better protected from potential theft on any stage of the international shipment as well. Any cargo industry dealing with such palletized cargo may search for stacking racks which can help in material handling and management. Such racks made of steel are now easily available to do the needful, but one manufacturer that allows customized solutions for steel stacking racking is what Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. or HML Wires Does.

Features of steel stacking racks at HML Wires

Steel stacking racking system seems an ideal answer if you are seeking to ensure safety of your palletized goods. Some features of such racks made at HML Wires are

  • Steel racks here can be painted in the color of your choice or even galvanized or powder coated on request
  • The units are stackable up to 6 units high
  • You can now get freedom from wooden pallets which you till now used to store loose cargo
  • The steel racks can be easily customized to suit your needs and storage requirements
  • Assembling and dissembling such racks requires no time and is very simple
  • When not in use these racks can be stored in minimal space
  • Maintenance needed is almost zero

HML wires looking deeply into the total cost of material handling is now involved in designing unique features which go into the making of pallet racking systems now being made here. The warehouse steel racking systems made here are ideal to store your palletized goods while ensuring complete peace of mind and ease on expenditure.

Factors to consider before buying steel stacking racking system

The factors which must be carefully considered and can influence your buying decisions are

  • Consider the efficiency of space utilization (storage density)
  • Accessibility to individual loads (selectivity)
  • Handling time
  • Order fulfillment speed and acquisition costs.
  • Each warehouse facility, and even different areas within a facility, may have differing needs, so make sure you are aware about the unique needs before buying any racking system for your industry.

Why choose HML Wires

When buying steel stacking rack system at HML Wires you can get professionals working with you and nailing the pallet racking needs which can help you in making an informed choice. Latest technique and up to date technology helps in manufacturing racks that ideally suit your unique needs. The firm is widely known for offering the industry’s most durable line of industrial storage racks. The customized solutions here will ensure you will never need to settle for something that you are not completely sure of.

Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. also known as HML Wires has acquired an ace reputation in manufacturing and supplying galvanized finish collapsible wire mesh containers in almost all designs. Wire mesh containers are collapsible, super strong, stackable storage solutions which now find use in a number of industries. HML Wires seems to be the leader in making high quality industrial wire containers which can serve for a very long time. The company has a stock of industrial wire mesh containers that can be used for distribution and manufacturing applications around the world.

What wire mesh containers are made of?

Also referred as foldable mesh bins or boxes and wire containers, steel wire mesh containers are made from high quality steel wires that possess high tensile strength. The heavy gauge wire rod makes these containers very sturdy and long term service providing. The welding process used is of high precision and highly automated to ensure deep and consistent weld penetration at all intersecting points. The welders are automated which help in ensuring superior capacity and design loads. The U-shaped stiffener or tubular structure at bottom is fixed for strengthening. Solid pp sheets can be placed inside the panels to protect fragile goods or easily-scratched-surface goods. The containers can be designed with or without lid and with or without doors. Also stackable and collapsible versions are available to ensure ample space saving when not in use or when in limited use.

The advantage of galvanized finish

Galvanized finish collapsible wire mesh containers at HML Wires can be made in both light type and heavy type depending upon the loading capacities of material you wish to store or manage. The containers are stackable and you can assemble and disassemble these very easily and can increase space when needed and fold these when not in use. The galvanized finish makes these wires mesh containers particularly long lasting in service as loss from water, rust and corrosion seems completely ruled out. Galvanization is performed with the use of most advanced machines and latest technology so that the final containers are very resistant to surface and environmental damages.

The advantage of being collapsible

The wire mesh containers at HML Wires are stackable and collapsible, which means you can stack these to three or four tier high in case you wish to increase the storage capacity but without adding new containers or additional containers. Also, being collapsible means you can easily fold these and store in one-tenth of the actual space when not using these for material storage. If worried about the assembly and disassembly, then do not worry as the process is very simple and quick and does not require any expert training, anyone can do it in few simple steps and very quickly.

The bottom line

One very important factor which can alter your buying decision is the price. But when buying at HML Wires you can stay assured as you can get galvanized finish collapsible wire mesh containers at great prices and in the highest quality at this company.

Industries today have a large number of options to choose from when seeking for storage containers. You can find storage containers crafted from a number of materials and available in an array of sizes and designs which can be chosen depending upon the material you wish to store. From enclosed containers to those which are made from wire mesh and offer easy visibility, you can find storage containers in a choice like never before now. One company which can help in fulfilling your need of storage containers ideally is what the company named Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. or HML Wires can do. The company has in its portfolio a large number of choices which you can choose depending upon your needs and the budget. A special storage container at HML are the wire mesh containers that find usage in securing and guarding all types of equipment, products, inventory, and even separate areas within a building.

Types of industrial storage containers

There are many types of storage containers available today but some which seem to be the most common ones have been mentioned below.

  • Dry storage containers are the most common shipping containers used for shipping dry goods that do not require temperature control.
  • Flat rack containers are suitable for heavy loads and cargo that needs loading from the top or sides.
  • Open top container allows for a significantly simplified loading and unloading process, and are ideal for bulky cargo such as machinery.
  • Tunnel container are storage containers with doors on both ends
  • Insulated and thermal container have regulated temperature control
  • Tanks are liquid storage containers
  • Double door containers are easy for loading and unloading of the freight
  • Refrigerated ISO containers always have a carefully controlled low temperature
  • Special purpose containers are of different shapes and sizes and are often custom made for specific cargo
  • Car carriers are used for the transportation of liquid materials, cars, and special goods such as weapons.

Storage containers at HML Wires

At HML wires you can find containers of all sizes and capacities which are crafted from different materials, you can choose the one depending upon the intended task and various other judging factors. In case you are not sure about the solution then pros here can help you in making the most suitable choice. Storage containers here are crafted from finest quality raw material and at state of the art facilities under the supervision of professionals, who are experienced, acknowledged and have acquired an expertise in the industry.

You can browse through the website to search for the available choice of industrial storage containers, but in case you have a special requirement then you can get the same made in a customized design and style by discussing with the professionals here. The team will make sure you get the storage container delivered to you in the exact dimension and design you anticipate and while being very easy on the expenditure.

More than half of the goods and produce we use each day is anticipated to be transported by storage containers crafted from different materials. Thus, industries dealing in these fields require storage containers to fulfill a number of roles. The shipping of perishable and delicate material requires storage containers made from steel usually which serve as heavy duty metal shipping boxes. So if you too work in one such industry which requires storage containers on a regular basis, then you can find them in the highest quality and the lowest prices at Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. also known as HML Wires.

Get fully tailored storage solutions

The large storage containers here are fully customizable as per the unique needs of your industry. You can get storage containers in the size, design and style you desire made at HML Wires at the most competitive price and in the shortest turnaround time possible. The company has acquired an ace name in the field of manufacturing customizable storage solutions for industries and already has a huge clientele who is more than satisfied with their products and prompt services.

The uses are endless

The many sizes of storage containers available at HML Wires can be put to a gamut of uses. You can use these as storage solutions in industries, for material handling and management, for transporting goods, hunting cabins, lake cabins and mobile offices. The high quality of raw material that goes into the making of such customizable storage boxes is high in tensile strength and thus offers a very sturdy finish to the end product. Meaning you can now sit back and relax as nothing like corrosion, water or rust can cause any harm to the storage containers you buy from HML Wires.

Here’s the foldable variety as well

The foldable or collapsible storage containers are all the more appealing as they can save a lot of space when not in use as you can store them in a very limited space. Also the stackable feature helps you increase the storage space to three or four tier high, in case you wish to enhance the storage capacity of your warehouse or industry but without spending anything extra on new or additional storage containers.

What are the options available?

Customized storage containers which you can find at HML Wires can be tailored not just in terms of size and design but many other aspects as well. You can get large sized containers with or without door based on your needs. Next is your choice of having windows or not having any. For large storage containers that will serve as cabins you can opt for the choice of flooring and whether you wish to have access to heating, air conditioning and electricity or not. You have complete freedom to brief professionals at HML about you unique requirements regarding storage containers and the team here will make sure they can fulfill the same in the best way possible.

So, why compromise, go for customize!

Storage tire racking can help you store tires easily

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Ideal storage of tires at manufacturing units, warehouses or automotive industries requires storing the maximum amount in the available space but without causing any alteration in the quality of the tires. Also, these require ensuring efficient and ergonomic handling all round the year and during different seasons. An industry or warehouse has a basic layout when searching for tire storage solutions but the needs can be flexible especially concerning the height, width and depth. So, if seeking for customized storage tire racking solutions for your industry or warehouse then the best place to find the same is at Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. The company also known as HML Wires has a dedicated website where you can easily find the options.

Different tire storage racks at HML Wires

Storage tire racking at HML Wires is available in a large number of choices and you can even find solutions for bulk storage as heavy duty tire racks.

  • The heavy duty tire racks can store from 35 to 55 tires and a load capacity of 1100 kg and can be stacked up to four floors high.
  • Next are the steel pallet tire storage racks that are available in forklift design and can be customized for various tires storage. The load capacity these can hold is 1100 kg with a space to store 72 to 81 tires easily and a stack-ability feature of 5.
  • Tire pallet rack is very easy to assemble and you can get these painted in the color of your choice. Meanwhile the numbers of tires you can store are 42 to 63 with a load capacity of 1100 kg and stack-ability of 4.
  • Storage tire racking comes with stack-ability ensuring very less space occupied when not in use, these have a tire capacity of 50 to 80 and a load capacity of 1100 kg with 4 high stack ability. Assembling is very easy.
  • Tire storage rack with a load capacity of 1100 kg and tire storage capacity of 28 to 50 can be ordered on a customized design and size as well in case of special needs. The 5 high stack-ability helps in enjoying additional storage space and less space occupation when not in use.
  • Metal tire rack made from mild steel can store up to 20 tires and you can get these made in a customized size, design and color depending upon your individual needs.

The key to success of HML Wires in offering ace quality tire storage units to industries is based on the fact that they try to understand the needs of the customers closely and only after this offer solutions which are ideal and suitable. The compact tire storage solutions at HML are crafted in a way to make the most of the space available while at the same time allowing fast and safe retrieval. Its solutions can even be designed to allow space for other activities, yielding additional value within a given space. So store tires easily with the well-crafted tire storage solutions at HML Wires.