Find zero maintenance stackable steel racks here

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Stackable steel racks are an indispensable part of a large number of industries and can be used for a number of tasks. Mainly used for storing material, these racks ensure a good space saving alternative and are very easy to assemble and disassemble as well. One company where you can find such stackable steel racks in the best of quality is at Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. The company has been in the business of manufacturing and designing material handling and management solutions for industries since more than two decades and has created solutions which are most suitable and affordable at the same time. Any industry buying stackable steel racks often searches for durability as the primary factor involved in making decision. The stackable steel racks available with Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. or HML Wires gain full marks on this very front.

Some features of stackable steel racks available at HML Wires are:

  • These steel racks are crafted from steel wires which possess high tensile strength and can thus offer long term service
  • The wires after being molded into a rack are then painted, power coated or galvanized which can ensure long term protection from corrosion and other surface damages
  • Assembling and disassembling the racks requires just few seconds and is very simple
  • The racks can be ideally used for palletized cargo
  • The need for wooden pallets now seems ruled out
  • The fold ability feature makes these all the more useful as when not in use, these racks can be stored in less than 10% of their original space
  • The maintenance required is almost zero and the company guarantees long term service
  • The robust construction ensures large storage of materials
  • The stackable racks come with a feature of easy relocation or addition of load supporting beams to accommodate new load sizes and / or additional levels
  • You can get stackable steel racks designed as per your individual requirements and available space in a customized design and size as per your needs

Why HML Wires

If wondering why choose HML Wires for your stackable steel racks need then the answer is the experience and expertise which we have gained over a span of two decades by serving a large base of clients satisfactorily. Our team of well-trained and acknowledged professionals will work with you to analyze your product flow and storage needs and develop a system that best suits your individual business, while keeping all factors in mind. We wish to cater to the total storage solution for your industry which can offer long term service without asking for any repair or maintenance costs.

We have uniquely placed ourselves in manufacturing and delivering commendable array of heavy duty, stackable steel racks which are designed, manufactured and verified under the supervision of seasoned pros. For strictly adhering to universally accepted standards, our products are thoroughly examined by our trained quality controllers at every stage of production.

Material handling and management is often one of the biggest burdens on the minds of an owner of an industry or warehouse. A company that can help you in finding suitable and affordable solutions in this very regard is what Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. can do and has been doing since inception. Also known as HML Wires, the firm has been serving gamut of industries for their material handling needs with a very high satisfaction rate among clients.

Every new addition in the warehousing and distribution facilities requires involving a lot of capital which is why the decision is always based on a lot of research and diligence. The best solutions originate from a team effort made while searching for an ideal answer.

Finding the perfect match

Selecting the right material handling solutions is not easy but when finding it with HML Wires you are bound to find an easy answer. The material handling equipments here are all based on the use of latest technology and keeps pace with the most recent trends in the industry. Buying material handling equipment from this company can help you in acquiring solutions that are most updated and abide with the ongoing norms of this industry. From the best of containers made from high quality steel wires that are built to ensure long term service and durability to security cages that can keep intruders and most sorts of damages away. The solutions you can find here are many in numbers.

Some factors while choosing

At HML Wires you can clearly see that the company has a solid track record and the clients whom we have served in the past will clearly agree with this reality. Next is in-depth research and basing solutions only on carefully collected data. Next you must consider are things like detailing throughput, order volume, planned inventory levels, and business growth projections. Other considerations include the range of product sizes and stock keeping unit (SKU) profile. Another important consideration is the anticipated budget as you would never like to create a hole in your pocket while buying material handling equipments for your industry.

Material handling solutions

The material handling solutions at HML Wires consist of almost every solution available in the industry today. The benefit of getting the equipment made in a customized size and design is like an icing on the cake as sometimes you wish to walk away from the crowd by getting material handling solutions that are distinct from all your peers. The sturdy make and the high quality input ensure that the equipments here offer a long term solution. From pallet cargo handling to solutions where you require security cages for parking the vehicles of your employees, the solutions you can find here for material handling are many and can easily fulfill your needs no matter what the size and volume of the material. The stackable and foldable population of material handling equipment ensures added peace of mind as space is utilized only when the equipment is in practical use.

Find stillages in a great variety here

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Sophisticated material handling techniques and equipment has turned into the need of the hour for modern industry across the globe. These solutions are mandatory to achieve product quality and operating efficiency. One ideal answer to such needs is stillages that is a leading solution in providing the expertise and the hardware for best-practice material handling.

What are stillages?

Stillages precisely are customized pallets or skids which offer support and are tailored to ensure safety for the material these are intended to store or carry. Most stillages that are available today come as a cage or with solid sides and even the stackable variety is very commonly available. Others like stillages with galvanization to ensure durability, or coasters to allow for easy movement are also available on specific demands.

The range of stillages at HML Wires

If searching for such stillages for your industry in a customized size or design then one place where you can find these easily are at Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd also known as HML Wires. You can now use such stillages to transport goods, whether as raw materials or in the finished stage, without any damage by making use of our high quality stillages. The ease of transporting or loading and unloading products is great and you can transfer goods from one truck to another or from your warehouse to distributors much simply now.

At HML Wires we offer stillages for a large number of industries and one common one is there use as a bin or recycling unit in the recycling industries. In these industries stillages with or without lid are usually made in the form of large metal boxes and are used for collecting industrial refuse that can be removed at a later date.

At HML Wires we focus on making industrial stillages in a large number of variants which are usually made from steel and often involve bespoke designing and manufacturing techniques. Some of our clients have been leaders and very popular in their industries and we cover industries like recycling industries, automotive producers and manufacturers and many other sectors like logistics and haulage companies as well. Our extensive workforce and our dedicated workability with more than two decades of experience helps us in producing stillages for any application and we are doing thing since the very beginning.

A final word

So why move elsewhere, when at HML Wires we have the experience, skill and expertise to produce and test and the prototype and then implement the stillages as per the customized and special request of our valued customers. So, ensure best protection for your products with stillages which are a priority in surface protection today. Get stillages at the best price and a very diverse range with HML Wires now.

Most industries today are re-evaluating the storage container systems and looking for options which are more advanced and less space consuming. Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Ltd. or HML Wires is one company which can help you in this quest ideally. The many years of experience and a powerful commitment to innovation has helped the team here in developing storage solutions that perfectly click to a wide range of industries and while fulfilling their unique requirements. When buying here you get an opportunity to optimize your operations in priority areas like processing speed, logistics management and cost efficiency. The company has a good portfolio of storage solutions and our team works to replace traditional storage and packaging with returnable, recyclable options that help you in keeping pace with the most recent and advanced.

Why choose foldable storage solutions

Foldable storage solutions form an ideal space-saving alternative and at HML Wires are available in various sizes catering to durability and spatial needs. The designs of these essential foldable containers provide a versatile solution that helps you with organization and storage no matter whether they are empty or full. The open mesh design of storage containers or cages ensures easy visibility making it very easy to control inventory and keep check of stocks and materials. The chances of dust and dirt accumulation are minimal. The fold-ability makes these excellent space savers when not in use.

Storage solutions at HML Wires

The storage containers or cages at HML Wires come in various sizes and designs and finishes including galvanized finish, powder coating or paint. The option of customized designing makes the storage solutions here all the more appealing to industries. You can even get on request, additional add-on accessories for further customization including specially designed bases equipped with wheels/casters for easy maneuvering – essential when storing heavier loads. The range of foldable and collapsible storage containers, cages or boxes that you can find here have a fixed, strong upper edge and guarantee a high rigidity and safe stacking. The collapsible type comes with a lid or without a lid; the one which can only be used with a lid is an economical alternative to the foldable type for shipping light goods. Storage solutions crafted here are extremely strong, very light, much easy to clean and simple and quick to repair, the maintenance of these containers is almost zero and you can keep using these for years together without facing any damage or loss.

The bottom line

So why still go for the traditional solutions for storage and material handling when you have the “new” option of foldable at HML Wires. Now enjoy storage and less space occupation with foldable storage solutions. More on storage and less on space occupation and high on quality with low on price are few features that the many storage solutions at this company are adorned with.

Wire mesh decking is a tailor made option for heavy duty and light loads, combustible areas and food industries. This is highly versatile in offering a large number of benefits when compared with traditional shelving methods. The wire mesh decking panels quickly convert pallet racking into shelving which helps you in shelving smaller items without loss in loading capacity. These panels are a cost effective and strong alternative to timber shelving and ideal to store pallets and unusual shaped products. Here each wire mesh panel is carefully positioned between two pallet racking box beams that create an instant shelf for small boxed items and irregular sized palletized material. Each panel in these containers is made from wire mesh with multi channels depending on your requirements for strength and to ensure resilience. Each panel is made with galvanized wire mesh.

Wire mesh decking panels at HML Wires

HML Wires have emerged as a leader in producing high quality wire mesh decking panels that find application in a large number of industries. The finish that these panels come in are zinc or hot dip galvanized or powder coating, which ensures longer protection from rust and corrosion and a sophisticated look as well. The loading capacity of wire mesh panels available at HML Wires are 300 or 800 or 1000 or 1500 kg, which are standard sizes. In case you are seeking for a customized size and design, experts here can help with the same by working closely with your requirements to ensure ideal outcomes.

Wire mesh decking panels-uses

  • The wire mesh decking panels find ample use in warehouses, distributions centers and a large number of industries
  • These allow you to store cartons and cages or pallets goods.
  • Installing these is very easy and these panels are almost maintenance free
  • Wire mesh decking panels made at HML Wires meet new fire and insurance requirements
  • You can enjoy lifetime of resistance to rust and corrosion due to the galvanized / powder coating after welded
  • Various designs meet different type of racks: flared channel or inside waterfall or inverted flared or inverted step or step channel.

Why use wire mesh decking panels

Wire mesh decking panels are metal mesh grids that fit into the existing pallet racks you have. These decking systems add functionality to your teardrop pallet rack or shelving system by ensuring added support for panels, cartons and more. Also known as wire mesh grids or wire mesh decks, you can find these today in a variety of sizes and can even get these tailor made as per your individual needs and budget at HML Wires.

The bottom line

Wire mesh decking panels can keep your products from falling through the racking system and thus erasing the incidences of damage or injuries. In addition these are preferable to solid shelves because they allow smoke and heat to rise and sprinkler water to fall through into storage areas. Also they make it easier for your crew to see a fire and evacuate. So, buy wire mesh decking system at HML wires to enjoy added peace of mind for your material handling and management, no matter what industry you work for.