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Pallet Cages— Stable and Durable Storage Solutions

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  • image11 October 2022

Pallet cages are ideal for protecting larger unboxed products in transport since they can stack products, save warehouse space, collapse easily for flat-pack storage when not in use, and fit perfectly into shipping containers with no extra space.

In order to store goods, equipment, and inventory safely while making the use of available space, warehouses and factories need storage and racking solutions. For industries across the nation, HMLWires offers a variety of stackable racks and other racking systems. We ensure you have a secure way to arrange and store inventory in your factory or warehouse.

Durable, useful Storage Solutions

HMLWires strives to provide a solution for every business with products that come in a variety of sizes and are appropriate for a variety of uses.

With our wide selection of storage and material handling products, there is sure to be a system that fits both your industry’s or company’s specific needs and your budget. Just talk to our experts about your requirements.

Whether you are looking for a wire mesh deck or a wire pallet cage, HMLWires has it in addition to other smart storage solutions.

HMLWires Offers Unmatched Quality Material Handling and Storage Solutions

Our resilient steel pallet cage units are designed with space-saving features, a strong framework, and a high level of safety for your pallet lifting solution in commercial settings. Integration of the safety lifting cage with wooden or plastic pallets is possible. These pallet lifting cages are used to raise pallets from marine work vessels, move materials safely and effectively on docks for loading or unloading, carry cargo from workboats to rigs, etc. Customized sizes are available based on client needs.

When lifting open pallet freight, the pallet safety cages make space management more effective and can be used to increase workflow productivity. HMLWires pallet cages match all of your requirements if you’re seeking a safe, superior, and dependable lifting solution for warehouses, oil rigs, or logistic stations.

They Fit to Wide Range of Industrial Applications

Pallet Cages— Stable and Durable Storage Solutions

A wire pallet cage and portable wire container make it easier to store and transfer goods in cargo stations, warehouse infrastructures, and any other setting where businesses need quick, secure solutions for moving cargo while also handling loads while in transit.

Our steel pallet cage has a safe weight load capacity because we design them with efficiency and safety in mind. Each palletized cargo lifting cage is made to accommodate the loading of maritime vessels, offshore platforms, and on-land handling of big cargo.

Pallet Cage Features

The wire mesh pallets’ top and bottom sides are open for quick and simple placement over palletized cargo, while the side walls lack door systems. This feature facilitates simple installation as well as load placement and removal.

The metal cage storage is designed with a securely locked mechanism and for quick attachment to bottom lifting bars. Hoisting options for mechanical lifting and pallet management plans can be attached to the upper four corners of a pallet forklift platform safety cage.

If our heavy-duty pallet cages are utilized under professional supervision by properly qualified workers, they can withstand any knocks, scratches, bumps, and other types of impact in industrial settings and always keep the items safe. They are made from non-corrosive, heavy-duty materials to increase the life cycle and create a sturdy, lockable cage, and are also known as pallet lifting cages for cranes.

Additionally, whether in a cargo truck, boat, or onshore warehouse, these palletized cargo cages enable you to maximize your storage space and modernize your heavy load lifting equipment.

Final Thoughts

There is no maximum limit when it comes to safety precautions, especially in an industrial environment when lifting bulk materials, huge, piled items, and suspended heavy loads are involved. It is important to use secure pallet lifting cages to carry such goods; this is possible with our safe, dependable, and durable pallet cages.

With HMLWires pallet cages, you can safely secure your loads. Call us right away to place an order for a pallet lifting cage in one of our standard designs or to get the best deals on a custom pallet lifting cage and wire mesh deck.