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Pallet Racks with Galvanized Wire Decking—An Expert’s Choice

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  • image27 February 2024

When it comes to warehouse storage, galvanized wire decking is the way to go for enhanced performance, efficiency, safety, and comfort. Wire deck is much better than traditional decking since it is durable and may prevent accidents. If your organization uses pallet rack systems, our wire decking solutions can add an added layer of protection.

Galvanized Wire Decking Are Easy to Use

galvanized wire decking

Whether you’re loading large pallets or manually stacking smaller products on a pallet rack, HMLWires, one of the top wire decking manufacturers, provides you with the maximum strength and flexibility for a variety of uses—all while meeting the requirements of your local fire code.

You won’t need any equipment to install our wire decking; it’s that easy. The pallet rack beams are a perfect fit for the wire deck, and it fits snugly into place. Also, light can easily reach all levels of storage thanks to the mesh design, which keeps dust at bay.

In addition, we can meet your needs for bespoke wire decking. No matter the size or pattern of your storage or pallet rack decking needs, we can create it from our extensive inventory of wire

Wire Decks Are Popular for Many Reasons

Stay away from decking for racks made of wood or any other substitutes. Installing these choices is a hassle, they’re costly, and there’s a chance that germs and fire can spread. Avoid endangering the safety of your employees and the integrity of your pallet items by selecting the incorrect decking material.

They are Easy to Install

Because it comes in pre-cut sizes, wire deck slots neatly onto the racks without the need for tools. In order to prevent the deck from sliding around and the beams from falling out, waterfall decking features boundaries. While drop-in decking also fits correctly, it does necessitate some assembly-time adjustments to increase stability.

The installation of drop-in decks is simple. Be that as it may, placement over step beams is by no means limited to that. To avoid their eventual detachment and the decking’s subsequent sliding out, secure them to the columns or attach them to the beams.

They are Safer

Wire decks offer numerous advantages over timber alternatives, including increased strength and safety. Better protection for the racked products, less chance of fire spread, and no contamination of the products are all benefits.

items are kept safe from the increased risk of contamination from bugs, bacteria, or dirt by allowing dust and spilled items to flow down to the floor through wire mesh patterns. In the event of a fire, the wire decking is very useful since it permits the correct flow of water from the sprinklers to pass through, preventing the fire from spreading.

They are Durable

Over time, galvanized wire deck will outlast wood. While each type of wire decking has its own weight capacity, the decking shouldn’t have to support more weight than the racks can handle. It is not possible for wood to support such massive loads. As the wood deteriorates or becomes wet, its strength decreases, reducing the total amount it can carry.

They Allow Proper Lighting

In contrast to solid wood planks, wire decking lets light through. There is sufficient illumination beneath the decks for the crew to see clearly. Preventing possible dangers while maintaining the area’s illumination is one way that wire decking can make the workplace safer.

Buy Top-Notch Wire Decks at HMLWires

We offer comprehensive decking solutions for your racking system to update your pallet racks. Check out HML Wires for the best selection of high-quality pallet racks and decking solutions for your warehouse or other facility.