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Portable Rack— Ideal for Easy and Convenient Warehouse Storage

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  • image16 November 2021

A portable rack is a reusable product constructed of mild steel Q235. It is a great alternative to a wooden pallet. The stackability of the portable rack allows manufacturers and suppliers to better manage their storage and materials.

The stacking rack is made out of a metal pallet base and 4 vertical slats that, in some situations, can be disassembled to increase space for storage. When the stack rack vertical slats are detached, they can be laid horizontally for easier storage. The stackable rack can be conveniently spaced to conserve room when the slats are not detachable.

Top-Quality, Reusable Storage and Transport Warehouse Solutions

portable rack

HMLWires manufacturers and supplies top-quality stack racks to help our clients save their money by paying for poor-quality racks and containers. Our portable racks are adjustable— thus becoming a perfect choice to fit every individual’s need and requirements.

Our racks and containers come in a variety of sizes, load capacity and dimensions. We are focused on the initiative of reducing waste and reusing shipping containers to reduce the carbon footprint.

HMLWires offers a variety of material handling and storage options in addition to the portable stacking rack. Steel containers, foldable wire containers, post pallet systems, and cage pallets, to name a few, are available for purchase.

Manufacturing and distribution companies can save money on shipping by using HMLWires, and they can also lower their carbon footprint by purchasing our portable racks. HMLWires has gained its clients’ trust and thrives as a result of recurring business.

Partnering with HMLWires for your next wire container or pallet rack system can save you money and let your manufacturing and logistics industry employ flexible stack racks instead of traditional wood pallets.

Steel Rack Needs No to Little Maintenance

Stack racks are built of long-lasting materials that will not deteriorate over time. You don’t have to be concerned about your stacking pallet system failing over time or at the most inconvenient time.

Your stacking rack will not be damaged whether your products lie on the shelf for years or decades. Stacking racks are suitable for storing huge, bulky things because of this. For any order fulfilment facility, stack racks are a smart investment. You won’t have to worry about repairing or modifying your racks on a regular basis.

Don’t Ignore Inspecting Your Pallet Racks Regularly

Maintaining your stacking pallet racks entails evaluating them on a regular basis for deterioration and other potential issues. Take some time to go through all your racks thoroughly. Maintain as much cleanliness and dryness as possible on your racks.

Check the rack’s pillars, base plates, structural frame ties, particular shelves, row spacers, locking mechanisms, column connectors, and accessories, among other things. Keep an eye out for cracks, splinters, corrosion, and other symptoms of deterioration. Repair or simply replace your racks before the problem gets worse.

On the Bottom Rack, Store the Heaviest Items

Stackable pallet racks should be stacked by weight, with the biggest goods on the base. Adding too much load on the upper cabinets could force the rack to fall, injuring one of your workers. To avoid the risk of the racking tipping over, always position the lightweight goods on top.

To avoid the rack becoming excessively top-heavy, keep heavier products well-stocked on the lower shelves. If you run out of these bulkier things, consider putting weights on your racks or transferring items from the higher to lower tiers.

Keep the Stacking Racks in Level

You must also ensure that your stack racks are aligned. If your shelves or supports are distorted or disfigured in any manner, this could suggest more significant problems and a loss of internal structure in your systems.

Stack racks, like all other industrial equipment, are prone to a variety of issues. Manage and use stack racks in a constructive manner, resolving possible issues before they become serious issues for your company.