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Quick Ways to Refine Warehouse Operations with Heavy Duty Tire Rack

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  • image14 June 2021
Quick Ways to Refine Warehouse Operations with Heavy Duty Tire Rack

Improper or inadequate racks can make your warehouse turn into a higgledy-piggledy mess. Big boxes stacked up high on each other can lead to loss of goods and also precious time and efforts of the workforce to get into the items trapped under big piles. Adding a heavy duty tire rack can turn your warehouse into an efficient, organized operation. It will help in generating more revenue at a much lower cost.

Being in the field for the past several as a leading tyre rack manufacturer we have gained experience and expertise to help warehouses maximize the potential of their business. Check out these simple ways to organize your warehouse—

Use Every Inch of Space to Maximize Storage Capacity

Every warehouse has limited floor space. So, adding shelves vertically to create layers and layers for storage is a great way. Augmenting your storage density many times over will help you stock more goods and enjoy a higher turnaround.

Curtail dead space between racking units with proper aisle planning. Investing in quality storage containers and racks for your warehouse can significantly transform and enhance the way you approach warehouse storage planning.

Get Racks of Different Height for Your Needs

Tyres come in a variety of different sizes, heights and weights. At HMLWires, as a leading tyre rack supplier, we can custom-made tyre racks to lower the amount of wasted space between levels while storing or stacking tyres. Adding the right tyre racks to your warehouse can significantly improve storage potential. Altering shelf height is perfect for long-term planning.

Design A Tiered Organization System

A little more cutting-edge step in differing the height of your racks is to build your racks into varying tiers. It is a great and user-friendly way to give your employees a quick look into where a product might be stored.

Usually, this is done by stocking up smaller items above the side and bigger items in the lower lane. The benefit of tiring this is that smaller tires stored on the higher racks can be easily reached and taken down by using a ladder.

Switch to Heavy-Duty Tire Racking

Heavy Duty Tire Rack

Although light duty racking has its benefits, using heavy-duty shelving for your tires can be a long-term storage solution with significant benefits. It can cater to the ever-changing requirements of a dynamic business.

Use Quality Storage Tools

Tyres are inclined to wear and tear when stored for longer durations. And, if not stored properly the tyres can get dry, lose oils and can get cracking. That’s why it is important to use quality tyre racking from a reliable tyre rack manufacturer as it will allow proper air circulation, and keep your storage temperature structured and avoid severe damage to the tyre inventory.

Buy ONLY from a Reliable Tire Rack Manufacturer

Tyre racks if used correctly can help in maximizing the storage capacity of tyres in different industries. It is very vital to have the best quality tire racks for your tires. HMLWires is a leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty tire shelves. We are well acquainted with the requirements of tire and auto parts industry, and we take pride in delivering their needs with our creative storage solutions. These heavy-duty racks are built using high-quality materials with space-friendly designs and are easily moveable. Our warehouse tire racks not only assist warehouse owners to maximize and optimize their space but is a great value for investment.


Just a few of these quick and easy steps can significantly improve your warehouse operations, through smart and expert use of a heavy duty tire rack!