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Read This Before Buying Wire Mesh Decking

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  • image13 July 2021
Read This Before Buying Wire Mesh Decking

For several decades, pallet racks have been very useful in maximizing storage capacity at warehouses and distribution centres. Choosing the right rack decking is a crucial part of the industrial pallet racking system. Rack decking acts as a base for storing non-palletized items or cases along with palletized products. Decking reduces the possibility of products falling by increasing the overall number of contact points between the storage media and the product being stored. It, thus, increases overall warehouse safety. Wire mesh decking is one of the most popular and versatile choices when it comes to decking solutions.

Benefits of Adding Wire Mesh Decks in Your Warehouse

#1. No damage to goods

Wire mesh decks keep loose products from falling or collapsing, and thus preventing damage to the goods. Adding decks to your warehouse will lessen the risk of product falling and keep your goods and workforce safe and secure.

#2. Ample of storage

Wire mesh deck solutions offer effective storage to a wide range of items— cartons, pallets, stillages, etc. You can get wire decks and roll container in various sizes and configurations to accommodate all storage opportunities.

#3. Quick and simple installation

Wire decking doesn’t need any special tools to assemble— all you need is to drop the decks into place, flush with the beams.

#4. Safety

Since the surface area of wire mesh is small unlike wood or steel, there will be no dirt or debris build-up. Thus, reducing the frequency of routine cleaning required to comply with the local health and safety laws. In case of any fire emergency, water from the overhead sprinklers can easily pass through the mesh to prevent the stocked or stored goods from damage.

#5. Superior strength

At HMLWires, we provide wire decking made using the supreme quality material and latest technology for enhanced strength to hold more load capacity.

Tips to Choose the Right Wire Mesh Decking For Your Warehouse

Wire Mesh Decking

If the above-mentioned benefits have convinced you, and now you have decided to buy it for your warehouse or distribution centre, there are a few things to consider when choosing the best and right wire deck for your needs—

#1. What type of goods you will store?

When choosing the decking, weight and dimension of the products that you will store should be considered. Inappropriate size and load issues can make it collapse or warp under the pressure.

#2. How the wire deck will be used?

This question is important to choose the right deck or roll container for your warehouse. Purpose and use of decking. What’s the purpose of the deck system? What you will store— small parts or equipment, full pallets or loose cases? Storing individual cases is one of the very common applications of wire mesh decking. If you are buying this to keep different small items, dividers can be clipped into it to help organize the items separately. If you want decking for order picking, you choose to keep the deck somewhat slanted to access the products easily.

#3. What will be the temperature where the deck will be placed?

Will you keep the wire decking outside or in a facility where it will be humid? Or will it be placed inside a cooler or freezer? In environments where there is risk of oxidation or moisture, choose stainless or galvanized steel.

Choosing the appropriate decking for your storage shelves might look easy, but in reality, there are many things and factors to consider. HMLWires have years of experience and expertise in specifying and manufacturing wire decking and roll containers for different applications and environments— get in touch with us today!