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Reasons To Use Metal Stillage in the eCommerce Industry

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  • image26 April 2022

The eCommerce industry faces many challenges like fragmentation, transportation, and sustainability. Enterprises need to quickly transport products from location to location to keep up with the demands. And with COVID-19, when customers are more inclined towards online shopping, it has become quite challenging to cater to all their needs.

And to fulfill these demands, eCommerce businesses or warehouse space owners need to increase their productivity and efficiency. To do so, they need to eliminate the traditional form methods to transporting and managing their products and move towards a better option.

One such better option is to go for stillages. Among the many advantages of stillage are its eco-friendliness and recycling capabilities.

5 Reasons to Use Stillage in the eCommerce Industry

Reasons To Use Metal Stillage in the eCommerce Industry

Metal stillages entail many benefits like storing multiple materials, saving up the floor space, and easy mobility products across the warehouse. But that’s not it; there are many such benefits. Read till the end to find out more in detail:

1. Increased Productivity

eCommerce businesses offer various services and products, so effective warehouse technology is crucial when considering business expansion and future-proofing. And with these stillages, business success and profits can be increased because they are the perfect storage solution.

Since these containers come with a fitted wheelbase, they make them easy to move across the factory floor and increase operating speed. Consequently, they are more productive and more profitable.

2. Safe For The Environment

Corporate growth would be snuffed out without expanding storage systems continuously and sustainably. In addition, when eCommerce businesses deal with many customers, they generate wastage. But with these, the quantity of waste can be reduced significantly.

Since these can be reused, recycled, and have a longer life term. Also, these stillages can carry more weight compared to any other traditional option.

3. Design Flexibility

Ecommerce businesses deal in multiple products which not only vary in size but also in weight. Therefore, you can customize steel baskets according to the convenience and business needs of the user.

Also, with easy customization, these can be arranged to save the floor space in the warehouse and make it easier for forklifts to operate across the warehouse. And to carry these across the warehouse floor stillages are a perfect choice.

4. More Durability

Compared to other solutions out there, stillage containers are the preferred choice. They tend to be lighter and more durable, making them easy to move and carry much more weight.

It is necessary to have high tensile strength because it is possible for highly loaded parts to deform or damage a basket with low tensile strength during regular use. You can also add extra wires/layers to these stillages, which helps them carry more weight and prevent any unusual sway.

5. Product Safety

Safety is always the number one priority for the eCommerce industry. With the proper safety of their products, businesses can save a large amount of money and increase their profits. And with these steel baskets, you can store goods more securely and efficiently.

The mesh sides of the stillage also reduce the risk of items coming loose during transport. However, you might prefer stillages with steel panel sides if you’re moving small parts that can slip through mesh sides since the panels will hold your parts better.


We hope that you find this article helpful, and these reasons help you understand why stillage containers are the best choice for the eCommerce industry. These containers carry more weight, are environmentally friendly, and increase work productivity and efficiency. So make the right choice and go for stillages for your eCommerce business.