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Safety Tips to Keep in Mind While Using Nestable Roll Containers

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  • image14 January 2020
Safety Tips to Keep in Mind While Using Nestable Roll Containers
Safety Tips to Keep in Mind While Using Nestable Roll Containers

Roll cages are widely used in different warehouses for logistics solutions. It becomes easier with these containers to move goods from one place to another within the organization. Because of this reason these containers have huge popularity.

But with any storage container there comes few important safety tips that one must consider. Overlooking these essentials might result in accidents. Hence, it is better to be cautious before than be injured later.

So, let us have a look at a few of the important safety tips for your warehouse that one must take care of nestable roll containers:

Loading & Unloading Safety:

One of the major reasons for injuries and accidents in warehouses is because of the extensive loading and unloading of goods from the roll containers without any break to the employees. Often time, requirements are high because of which the workers work extra hours to increase warehouse productivity.

But constant weight lifting might result in cramps and muscle injuries. This is why it is essential for the workers to take breaks in the middle. Also, workers should do stretching exercises so that their muscles can relax. This will maintain their health and prevent any kind of injuries.

Also, use a good quality roller container that offers safe loading and unloading. Following these simple steps will prevent injuries and accidents at the worksite. Hence, ensure that safety tips are maintained with loading and unloading tasks in the warehouse.

Be Careful with Inclined Planes:

Roll cages should be carefully handled over inclined planes. A little carelessness over inclined plane might result in a big accident. Hence, it is extremely important that one must be careful with the same.

It is a good practice to first predict the movement of nestable roll containers over the inclined plane with a little weight than going for larger weights in the first place. This will help in ensuring the safe movement of the cage over the plane.

Hence, always be careful over the inclined plane with a roll container and start with a lighter weight.

Never Overload:

One of the most common reasons for accidents with containers in warehouses is overloading. Often times workers are tempted to overload the containers to complete the job at a faster pace. But, one should never do so.

It is better to move two rounds with less number of goods and be safe then one unsafe overloaded movement. Weighing limits must always be maintained. Also, it is safer to go lower than the maximum load capacity of the container than going beyond it.

Go Slow & Steady with the Movement:

Nestable roll containers are meant to make things simpler and easier at the workplace. Hence, use the containers accordingly. These containers should be moved slowly at walking speed. Going fast might require extra force by the workers to put in which might result in injuries.

So, follow these safety tips and have a safe handling with containers in your warehouse.