Say Bye to Old Containers & Have these Amazing PET Preform Wire Containers

Say Bye to Old Containers & Have these Amazing PET Preform Wire Containers

The PET preform industry is now growing widely. Storage of pet preform bottles comes as one of the major responsibilities in the PET preform industry. It is important to have containers that store the bottles safely and efficiently.

Challenges Faced by Industries:

Several industries even today are using the old containers, which become problematic to handle. There comes a number of challenges with these old containers which are important to take care of.

With these problems managing the storage requirements of the industry becomes tedious and hectic. Also, the storage strategies with old traditional containers are not very efficient.

Well, here is the solution that is efficient, new, durable and long-lasting. Leading manufacturers of containers like HML Wires have come up with some amazing PET preform wire containers.

The New Containers:

These containers help in overcoming all the challenges with the traditional containers and proves to be highly efficient. Apart from this, there are also several added benefits. So, let us see some of these amazing containers and how they help in overcoming the problems and challenges faced by the traditional old containers:

Damage Resistant:

The traditional containers comprised of wood and cardboard cases. These containers were easy to get damaged. Hence, these provided a little guarantee of the pet preform bottles and products stored inside.

Hence, there were always risks involved that the pet preform bottles stored might be damaged. And, the damage was not even visible. With metal wire storage containers this won’t be a problem anymore.

These containers are damage resistant and ensure that the pet preform bottles kept inside are safe and secured. Also, they act as a protection to the pet preform bottles hence, keeping them safe from any kind of damage.

Less damage resistant was a big problem with traditional containers which no more exists in the classic new containers.

Higher Performance through Stacking:

With traditional containers stacking to higher levels was not possible. Woods and cardboard cases are not strong enough to bear heavy weights and loads. Hence, additional space was required to store these containers.

With PET preform wire containers we can do stacking easily up to six levels. This increases the performance by 300% which is seriously huge. Hence, efficient storage is possible with these containers which also saves space from getting wastage.

Folding Option:

With traditional containers, one of the worst parts was even when the containers are empty they would require a lot of space to be stored. With the classic folding steel wire containers from HML wire, this won’t be an issue.

These containers can be folded when not in use and kept together saving up a lot of space. Hence, no wastage of storage space for storing an empty container. Another major benefit of these classic containers.

Hence, get these amazing containers from our PET preform industry and enhance the efficiency of your industry.