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Stacking Pallet: How to Safely Stack Them?

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  • image26 October 2021

Pallet stacking may appear to be simple job. We used to stack bricks with ease as when we were kids. When the standard loads for most pallet stacks are thousands of pounds, however, the specifics become much more crucial. In more ways than one, stacking pallets will assist you in improving the order fulfilment process. Invest in a warehouse racking system to boost productivity and simplify the overall operations and processes.

Falling products, poor forklift operation, and simply uneven stacking can rapidly wreak havoc on your organization. That’s why the HMLWires experts have put together a list of important industry guidelines to follow when it comes to stacking pallets and portable rack effectively. Read on to know how the benefits of effective pallet stacking affect your business right immediately.

Advantage Of Efficient Pallet Stacking

There are two key benefits to properly stacking your pallets. The first is, obviously, security. Pallet stacking appropriately at your workplace improves the safety of both your employees and your inventory.

The other major benefit of proper pallet stacking is an increase in productivity and a reduction in operational expenditures. By removing hazards with these regulatory standards, you may save money and make a much more efficient working environment for everyone.

Stack the pallets evenly

Pallets must be placed evenly in the warehouse for both effectiveness and security. This means there will be no overhanging edges or an unequal load capacity. Pallets that are stacked unevenly are imbalanced, which can lead to hazardous mishaps. Always ensure your post pallets are safe and correctly spaced so you don’t have to worry about pallets falling off forklifts or goods moving during transportation. Examine for overhanging corners that could cling on equipment or employee items throughout the shipment process.

Keep the heaviest items on the bottom of the post pallet

Placing the heaviest items at the base of your pallet stack lowers the centre of mass, resulting in a sturdier pallet stack.

Consider the weight and height limitation

Stacking Pallet

Stacking things too high is never a wise decision. Falling increases the chance of damaging your products or, even worse, injuring your personnel. Keep a checklist about how much capacity you have and never arrange your pallet storage systems too tall on the top rack.

It’s probably that your workforce is dealing with a lot of weight when using pallets. When it comes to stacking commodities on a stacking pallet, however, you must not try to be the “champion” by piling the total load in one go. Forklift operators must be aware of their machine’s capabilities and pay particular attention to them. Failing to do so is a severe safety problem, risking not just the operator’s life but also the safety of any other personnel.

Don’t use a damaged stacking rack or pallet

While repurposing broken pallets might appear to be a cost-cutting measure, it could probably cost you a lot more money over the long term. Defective post pallets are less stable and durable than intact pallets, posing serious safety risks.

If there are any apparent cracks, visible fasteners, or other noticeable damage, it is better to replace your pallets to assure the security of your employees and the materials they manage daily.

Looking for More Help on Stacking Racks? Contact HMLWires

When handled wrongly, a stacking pallet can be a seriously dangerous line of work. At HMLWires, we are here to help our clients with the best assistance and guidance to ensure they get the best pallets for their requirements and the information needed to use them aptly. To know more about pallets and containers, you can check out our blogs.