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Stacking Rack— How to Save Employee’s Time and Improve Efficiency?

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  • image7 September 2021

Wire mesh containers can help in streamlining logistics processes, improve productivity and optimize storage space usage. A stacking rack also does the same job— simplifying warehouse operations.

Steel wire and sheet metal parts are used to make mesh containers. The payload capacity of storage containers ranges from 400 to 1700 kg. They can be used to store a variety of items; for small parts storage, the baskets are filled with PP sheet or full plates. Our storage containers have galvanised zinc coatings that make them very resistant to high humidity and temperature fluctuations. Certificates of quality prove the product’s longevity and safety.

Optimize Logistic Process in Your Warehouse

At HMLWires, we offer a wide range of dedicated products and material handling solutions that can be used in many industries including those where sensitive and raw commodities are stored and transported in extreme weather conditions.

Improve Warehouse Productivity and Save Your Workforce’s Time

Our material handling solutions can help save our employee’s effort and time. Here are a few ways how stacking pallet can help you—

Post pallet storage system saves space

Pallet racking systems enable you to maximize space footage by allowing you to stack pallets on top of one another and store them upright. You can reach pretty high and keep big sections of space, expanding storage capabilities, depending upon the size of your warehouse and the size of the products. Do you have any doubts about whether or not your pallets will match up? Racking systems are available in a variety of heights and can accommodate any conventional pallet size.

Pallet systems provide bulk storage capabilities

Warehouses with a wide range of products must be able to store items in bulk. Pallet racking systems, which use pallet flow racks, push back pallet racks, and even drive-in or drive-thru pallet racks, may hold a vast quantity of goods. Drive-in or drive-thru racks lower the number of aisles required while providing bulk storage in lines.

The portable rack has enhanced durability

Don’t worry about harming your portable stack racks if you plan to employ forklifts or other equipment. They are built to endure strong impact as well as the general wear and tear of storage facilities– whatever that may entail. The racking system’s structure could most likely be fixed if something serious happened.

Stacking rack system led to optimized warehouse safety and efficiency

Stacking Rack

In any industry, safety is a top priority. When following warehouse safety guidelines, consider the weight of pallets and loads, mechanical operations, height constraints, and worker logistics. Pallet racking systems are made to fit your height, weight, and capacity requirements, allowing for proper and safe loading and warehousing. With a reliable pallet racking system, both the workforce and the commodities will be safe.

Stacking pallet systems increase profits

Profits can be increased by adopting a high-quality pallet racking system for your products. By managing proper track of inventory, you’ll be able to provide sufficient space, enhance storage capacity, reduce missing pallets, maintain your warehouse thoroughly organized (which saves time while seeking a certain item), and boost productivity.

Are You Looking for Stacking Rack Pallets?

Have we persuaded you of the advantages of pallet racking? You’ve come to the right place if you have a racking system but still need to update your pallets. HMLWires will work with you, your industry, and your goods to identify which pallets are the finest and most beneficial for you.

We have a large pallet inventory, so whether you need a pallet for stacking, export, nesting, or economy, we can help you achieve it. Put safety first in the warehouse, and reach us to acquire the pallets you need for your company!